The Origins of Celtic Jewelry

The Origins of Celtic Jewelry : The origins of Celtic jewelry making can be traced to the dawn of time. In fact, before the ancient Egyptians were building their great pyramids, the Celts in Ireland were crafting some of the most intricate pieces of Celtic jewelry. It has been discovered that as early as 2,000 BC silver was being used to make Celtic jewelry.

Celtic Jewelry

Claddagh ring

One of the most famous pieces of Celtic jewelry is probably the Claddagh ring. The Claddagh ring is certainly one of the most romantic and enduring Celtic jewelry traditions. It is customary for a Claddagh ring to be worn as a wedding or engagement ring and then to be handed down from generation to generation.

The origins of this piece of Celtic jewelry date back to the 1600s where a resident of the fishing village of Claddagh, Richard Jones, was abducted by Moorish pirates and taken to Tunisia. He learnt the craft of a goldsmith while he was a slave there and honed his skills until he returned to Claddagh. On his return he found that his true love had waited for him and they set up a goldsmiths store together. The celtic jewelry that they produced was stunning and he also made the first Claddagh rings for his own wedding. The heart symbolizes love, the hands symbolizes friendship and the crown loyalty.


Pieces of Celtic jewelry the Claddagh ring

As with many pieces of Celtic jewelry the Claddagh ring has its own special meaning which depends on how it is being worn. The tradition is: * Right hand with the heart pointing outwards = Fancy free * Right hand with the heart pointing inwards = Spoken for * Left hand with the heart pointing inwards = Found true love Other popular pieces of Celtic jewelry are the Celtic wedding bands. These have an entwined pattern running around them that never ends and is said to symbolize the eternal joining together of the married couple.

Celtic jewelry often incorporates a cross into the design because of the strong religious overtones but also is a symbol of heritage. Faith and heritage are popular features of many items of Celtic jewelry. Of course, Celtic jewelry would not be the same without the luck Irish leprechaun and four-leaf clovers.

These are a relatively modern design, compared to the other symbols that are used but they too have become a recognized feature of many pieces of Celtic jewelry. Many other pieces of Celtic jewelry have been inspired by legends and stories told about Celts in history.




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The Origins of Celtic Jewelry
The Origins of Celtic Jewelry



The Origins of Celtic Jewelry

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