The Science of Aging (and Why New U Life Thinks They’ve Found a Solution)

The Science of Aging : Time waits for no one, and while we can deny this somewhat unsavory truth, the problems of aging persist regardless. The effects of aging can become more and more straining on your physical and mental well-being as the years march onwards, but only if you fail to take any proactive steps.

While exercise and healthy habits can help ease the aging process, there are limits to what the traditional means of self-care can offer. The scientific community constantly searches for innovative solutions that go further, and in the past decade, have found promising avenues. Additionally, the resources and knowledge are out there to prolong the length and quality of life; it’s just a matter of finding the best methods of application.

Solving the troublesome puzzle of aging has been the life work of New U Life CEO and founder, Alexy Goldstein. A certified homeopath and herbalist, Goldstein has been at the forefront of natural remedies and supplement research since the age of 18.

Through first hand experience and long term research, he believes he’s found a big piece that fits just where people need it the most, “It’s true aging is inevitable in some respects,” says Goldstein. “But the negative effects don’t necessarily need to be. There’s a combination of scientific and natural solutions which can restore a real sense of youthful vitality. I’m confident we are on the right path with our products, and am eager to share our success with others.”

Why We Feel Old

One of the primary problems in the human body is that after a certain point, it stops producing certain hormones at the same levels it once did.

For women this means everything from sagging skin to lower reaction times, and while some of the effects are merely superficial, others pose a real risk. A reduced sense of balance combined with more brittle bones is a recipe for disaster, but all of this and more can be mitigated.

One of the most important hormones that tend to dip with age is human growth hormone, commonly referred to as HGH for short. A deficiency in this alone can account for a substantial loss of physical and mental energy. If you can safely raise this one little hormone back up to healthy levels, the adverse effects of aging can be curbed considerably.

Many doctors use invasive and ultimately destructive methods to boost HGH levels, and this is where Goldstein breaks from the pack. He believes that in the long-term a more natural application process makes all the difference, “While some might feel a more immediate effect from injections or pills, the risk of damaging the human body with such dramatic methods isn’t worth it. With our products we aim to get people back to feeling their best quickly, but not at the cost of compromising their long-term health.”

A Solution for Everyone

The goal of raising HGH levels is clear enough, but it is the method in doing so that is the art.

To answer the call is SomaDerm®, an easily-applied gel that naturally raises the body’s production of HGH. The New U Life product has been hugely popular among those looking to improve their overall quality of life.

“SomaDerm doesn’t introduce anything foreign into your body, but it does promote production of what’s already present and helpful,” says Goldstein. “The transdermal application is completely natural, and the end effect is you feeling better for longer.”

Goldstein and his team didn’t stop there however, having released a wide variety of products suited to different needs. Believe it or not, people age at slightly different rates, and possess a unique biochemistry based on everything from their DNA to diet. So, while SomaDerm might be the answer for those needing help with their HGH levels, others might be better suited to New U Life’s immune-boosting Fortress® or the cognitive-enhancing nootropic, NeuraVie™.

To fully understand and combat the common issues of aging, it can take time to gather all the necessary information and then act according to individuals. As always patience pays off. However, upon a well-researched and sturdy foundation, real growth can occur.

“Our mission is to give people a better understanding of their overall health, and then to find them a product which will perform to meet their unique needs,” Goldstein says.

“There’s no magic solution that will fix the effects of aging overnight, but there are steps you can take which lead to some truly miraculous results, sometimes in as little as a few weeks. I’ve witnessed them firsthand countless times throughout the years in this industry, and I am passionate in helping make a positive impact on other people’s lives through sharing our products.”

It’s natural to feel apprehensive about the future. Your body, mind, and world are almost certain to change over time, and most worry it might all be for the worst

This isn’t written anywhere in stone however, and we have at our disposal knowledge and technology which is truly unprecedented. Put it all together with the right mindset and routine, and there’s no reason to think tomorrow will be any less bright than today.






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