Cosmetic Treatments That Your Dermatologist Can Carry Out

Cosmetic Treatments That Your Dermatologist Can Carry Out : If you are tired of expensive beauty products that seem to nothing more than partially mask your blemishes, then it might be time to speak with a medical professional who has experience with cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Hung offers his patients a variety of cutting-edge procedures, and many of them are minimally invasive. With an experienced doctor by your side, you will be able to restore your youthful beauty by eradicating a variety of facial imperfections. Here is a closer look at just a few of the cosmetic treatments and procedures that you might want to consider.

Croton Chemical Peel

While there are many different peels to choose from, Dr. Hung often suggests the croton chemical peel. During a chemical peel, the croton product is going to be placed directly on the skin and then left there for a short period of time. When the product is removed, it will lift away some of the dead and damaged cells that are on the surface of your skin. This treatment is also going to trigger your body’s natural healing response, and that should minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face.

Laser Peel

A laser peel is going to treat many of the same blemishes as a chemical peel, but the procedure is slightly different. Instead of using croton to lift away dead cells, your dermatologist can stimulate your body’s healing response with a medical-grade laser. That laser will heat the outer layers of your skin, and your body is going to respond by flooding the treatment site with college, elastin, and growth factors. Following a laser peel, your skin is going to be red and sensitive, but those side effects typically fade away very quickly.


Non-surgical treatments can be very beneficial in certain situations, but you might want to consider a lift if you would like long-term results. During a facelift, your surgeon is going to create two small incisions near your ears. Those incisions can typically be hidden in the natural contours of your face, and the scars will continue to fade over time. The goal of a facelift is to tighten and tone the skin on the lower half of the face. This operation is going to minimize or completely erase deep folds around the nose, fine lines on the sides of the mouth, and sagging jowls.

Brow Lift

While facelifts are extremely popular, they aren’t going to address wrinkles around the brow and eyes. If you are struggling with age-related imperfections on the upper half of the face, then a brow lift might be your best option. The brow lift procedure will restore your appearance by softening some of the lines between the eyebrows and across your forehead. As an added bonus, this procedure can also be combined with laser peels, chemical peels, and a variety of other procedures.

Enjoying Your Rejuvenated Appearance

Restoring your youthful beauty doesn’t need to be a long or frustrating process, and you deserve to be proud of your appearance. These few treatment options are only a few of the procedures that your dermatologist is going to offer, and that is why you should schedule an appointment with them right away. An experienced doctor will be able to help you come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all of the blemishes and imperfections that you are struggling with. They can also give you instructions on how to preserve the results of those treatments for years to come.






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Cosmetic Treatments That Your Dermatologist Can Carry Out

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