The Secret to Stylish and Sustainable Maternity Workwear

The Secret to Stylish and Sustainable Maternity Workwear : Are pregnant women supposed to wear baggy, unattractive clothes? Does it seem like maternity clothes find their way to the shelves at Goodwill? Before the end of the third trimester of pregnancy?

Then there is no need to look any further than MARION, the chic maternity wear that has taken the fashion world by storm!

The creation of MARION was a labor of love for Joy O’Renick. While she was expecting her son, she became aware that there was a lack of maternity workwear that was both professional and practical.

MARION addresses a need in the fashion industry. As the premier brand for fashionable and comfortable maternity wear for expectant mothers, its mission is to empower women throughout all stages of their pregnancy and beyond. Their designs incorporate discrete nursing access, which makes it possible to either breastfeed or pump milk.

As a brand, MARION has principles of functionality and sustainability.

“We must decide what kind of planet we want to leave our kids,” MARION’s tagline reads.

Maternity Workwear
Maternity Workwear

The designs by MARION are appropriate for pregnant women and nursing mothers. They will also transform into what will appear to be “regular” clothes after the pregnancy. Reinventing the need to dispose of maternity clothes in landfills after the baby has been born.

Channel your inner professional goddess with MARION:

  • It is chic and appropriate for boardroom settings, a forward-thinking and stealthy concealed opening for nursing access.
  • Sustainably sourced materials.
  • They donate profits for worldwide education, healthcare, and safety.

Mama, you deserve to look and feel your best!

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The Secret to Stylish and Sustainable Maternity Workwear

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