The Top 4 Home Design and Remodeling Trends

The Top 4 Home Design and Remodeling Trends : Are you planning to design or remodel your home anytime soon? According to Statista, the trend in 2019 shows that most people are now investing to improve their homes. In the same year, estimations for the total home improvement expenditure in the U.S amounted to around 407 billion U.S dollars.

If you’re like most people, you might also want to remodel and design your home uniquely. You want your house to feel more comfortable and at the same time, look attractive.

You may also want to add value to your home so that in case you’re to sell it, there’ll be higher chances of attracting buyers.

As per the best architects, What’s important is that you consider your home remodeling plan as a whole new project. This is the ideal way to get started and expect excellent results from your home improvement design.

You should ask yourself this one critical question; “where can I find the best remodeling contractors near me?” Take note that it’s essential to stay connected to a good remodeling contractor.

Once you have the right one, they can help you out with all your remodeling projects. Whether you want a minor or major renovation, you’ll get your work done right.

If you want to increase the value of your home with kitchen or bathroom remodels, you’ll still get the perfect results you’re looking for. And, if you also wish to add an extension to your house, you’ll get the job done right.

Our article below explores the top home design and remodeling trends you should look out for. Stay tuned for more insights below.

  1. Warming Up Your Home Spaces with Brighter Colors

    Warming Up Your Home Spaces with Brighter Colors
    Warming Up Your Home Spaces with Brighter Colors

    Did you know that colors offer more than just a decorative function in your home? They enhance our emotions and make us feel happy and secure.

    Everyone loves the feeling of staying in a warm and brighter home, right? Yes, that’s why people are now choosing warmer colors to paint their home walls. Others are also going for brighter colors for their home accessories like the cabinets.

    By incorporating the lighter shades into your living spaces, you also make your home feel more welcoming. It’s not surprising why you might be seeing a lot of bright oranges, peacock blues, whites, and yellows used in people’s home remodeling.

    If you love darker colors like navy blue or grey, you’re not left out in establishing a brighter home. You can incorporate a touch of white, yellow, orange, or peacock.

    These are unique colors that work well with the darker shades. Besides, brighter colors help to add depth to your home space.

  2. Capitalizing on Home Office Decor

    Capitalizing on Home Office Decor
    Capitalizing on Home Office Decor

    Are you aware that 60% of the people prefer working from home? One of the reasons stated is because of the comfortable working spaces at home.

    With accessories like laptops and wireless connections, telecommuting from home is now the trend for many. In fact, some business people are now shifting from their town office setups back home.

    So, if you’re one of those who enjoy flexible work schedules, you might want to look at this current home office design trend.

    What should you know about home office decor?

    People are now converting extra bedrooms to home offices. They want to optimize their home setups so they can work better and more comfortably. You’ll also find others de-cluttering their basements and attics to use the areas as work centers.

    So, home remodeling aims to create a dedicated workspace for comfy seats, tables, computers, printers, and files.

    The beauty of designing a home office is that you can do your favorite decor. If you love the rustic, shabby-chic decor, you can create a farmhouse theme.

    Some prefer using modern aesthetics with beautiful lighting and well-decorated spaces. If you also want to add graphic wallpapers for brightly colored walls, then you can go ahead.

    Remember that your home office decor should always inspire your creativity. The space should enable you to get down to work in the best, most efficient style. Your decor should be something that boosts your working mood and does not make you lose interest.

    To create an attractive and ideal environment, people are now choosing creative home office designs. Others are focussing more on designs that match their personalities.

    Such could involve having pieces of the art you love mounted on the wall. You can also have inspiring quotes framed beautifully in your workstation. Some prefer having their favorite artwork designs done on the walls.

    Other stylish trend ideas include the incorporation of scented candles, available at You can also get themed mouse mats and mood lights in the market.

    In short, there are so many home ideas to make your home workspace stylish and welcoming.

    Never undermine the power of a beautifully decorated home office.

    In fact, these are the things that will inspire you to get into your workstation early in the morning. It’s not a surprise people are filling their workspaces with the things they love.

  3. Appreciating Nature Using Houseplants

    Appreciating Nature Using Houseplants
    Appreciating Nature Using Houseplants

    The naturally green plants and flowers in your home add visual interest to your living spaces. People are now looking to enhance the look in their rooms and brighten their homes with these plants.

    Indoor plants were in fashion back in the 1990s. This is when you’d find hanging creepers on the wall units. Other homes focussed on beautiful fresh flowers in vases.

    But, the trend is now back and better. Most of us are incorporating houseplants that add life and color to our homes. It’s also true that these plants help improve the air quality at home and filter out pollutants.

    Studies also indicate that natural plants can facilitate clean air in our homes. There are also connections between plants and lower blood pressure, added comfort, and stress relief.

    Those with home offices are also using houseplants to boost work productivity. Studies show that plants in our workspaces boost productivity by 15%.

    If you want a more stylish look using house plants, you can seek the advice of interior plant service providers. For example, they can help direct you to group your house plants depending on factors like height and size.

    The professionals can also inform you where in particular, you need to position-specific plants for more effect.

  4. Embracing the Maximalism Design Approach

    Embracing the Maximalism Design Approach
    Embracing the Maximalism Design Approach

    The Maximalism approach reveals that most of us are incorporating individual styles and designs into our homes. Adding personal touches to your rooms serves to increase your identity.

    Maximalism is a home style that includes a mixture of colors and patterns, which are carefully selected and professionally designed. Maximalism design encourages you to use your home spaces in the boldest way you can.

    Behind the exciting personalized interior decor lies a story to tell. This means that homeowners are now styling their homes based on their interests and experiences.

    The trend is that every piece of decoration in their home reveals a statement. This can be expressed through patterns, colors, fabric choices, or other unique forms of designs.

    So, through the maximal home design approach, we’re regaining a sense of individualism. This is evident by using features like:

    • Stained wood patterns
    • Historical references
    • Dark floral patterns

    The beauty here is that you don’t have any rules for maximalist decoration. All you need is the inspiration that ignites your passion for creating a uniquely designed home space.

    The primary factors that professionals consider for this approach include:

    • Using lots of colors.
    • Adding more artwork
    • Using only the decor that you love.
    • Striving for personalization


Investing your time and money into home remodeling is always worth it. When you improve the beauty and functioning in your home, it brings joy and fulfillment.

Furthermore, adding some personal designs to your rooms brings a sense of identity and attachment. Who doesn’t enjoy such things that add life to our homes?

Thus, when you want to improve your home, use the modern trends we’ve shared above. You’re sure to have appealing and fulfilling home surroundings.






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The Top 4 Home Design and Remodeling Trends

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