Tips for Choosing Shoes for Children

Tips for Choosing Shoes for Children : Buying shoes for kids can be a nightmare, but it’s really important for your child to have the right shoes to avoid some foot problems later in life. Your child’s feet will change quickly as she/he grows. There are many things to consider when buying shoes for children and I’ve got a list of some useful tips for choosing shoes for kids.

Tips for Choosing Shoes for Children

1. Check your child’s feet regularly

I’m sure you know how important it is to check your child’s feet regularly. You should always know when your child needs a new pair. Children may not be able to tell when their shoes are too small, that’s why parents have to watch for signs of sore patches or wearing.

2. Don’t buy cheap shoes

I know many older adults who have some foot problems today because they wore cheap shoes as children. Although it’s frustrating that children grow out of shoes so fast, you shouldn’t buy them cheap shoes as it could cause them foot problems.

3. Choose comfortable shoes

Always opt for comfort over fashion! When you were a child, you didn’t thank your parents for choosing sensible and comfortable shoes for you. Neither will your child. Don’t buy cheap and uncomfortable shoes for your child.

4. Pay attention to fastening

Another important thing to consider when buying shoes for kids is the type of fastening. If your children can tie their shoes for themselves, then you can buy shoes with laces. But if they are very young, hook-and-loop fastenings are easier for you to deal with and fasten quickly.

5. Have a fitting in every store

You might have noticed that your clothing size can vary wildly depending on the store. The same thing happens with kids’ shoes. When buying shoes for children, always have a fitting in each store, and don’t assume that they will take the same shoe size as in another store.

6. Buy children’s shoes only in shops

I know how it is tempting to look for all those bargains online, but it’s one of the worst things you can do. Even if you can return shoes that don´t fit, it can take long time. Your child deserves the best, so try to buy shoes in shops, wherever possible.

7. Go later in the day

You’ve probably noticed that the later in the day you go shoe shopping, the better the fit. That’s because your feet swell up a little during the day, and if you go earlier in the day you may buy too tight shoes. The same thing is true for children. That’s why go shoe shopping later in the day.

Do you have some other tips for choosing kids shoes? Share your thoughts, please!


Tips for Choosing Shoes for Children