Tips for the First Time Mum

Tips for the First Time Mum : Motherhood is a major milestone in every woman’s life and it is understandable to be a little anxious at the thought of being a parent and guardian of a new life. While the basics of motherhood haven’t changed in centuries, we do have digital technology, which in many ways, is a game-changer.

Here are a few tips for the soon to be mum.

  • Download a mum app

    There are several mum apps on Play Store and they offer a lot to a new mum; create your own digital profile and connect with other mums, plus you have unlimited access to loads of resources.

  • Online shopping

    There are online suppliers of maternity and pregnancy clothes for winter, plus a whole range of breastfeeding garments and aids, all at affordable prices. Maternity wear is critical and shopping online is usually at least 25% cheaper, which is a great incentive to set up online payments. If, for example, you need any organic health supplements, you can order these online and have the items delivered to your door.

  • Create a plan

    Ask any seasoned mum and she’ll tell you to create a plan for your pregnancy and birth; there are totally free resource planners online that you can use as a template to create your digital pregnancy and birth plan. Things to include are; dietary plan, exercise plan, prenatal classes, with a partner if possible, plus a list of things to do and buy. Click here for information about fertility supplements.

  • Enroll in a prenatal class

    Most women search out a local group online and make a date to visit the class, just to get an idea of the program, which is usually all it takes to enroll and attend the next class. If your partner can manage to find the time to join you, this will really help to create a strong bond. Indeed, try to involve your partner in every aspect of the pregnancy and they will build up an empathy.

  • Government support

    Here are some pregnancy care guidelines that you should read, which will help you to gain a deeper insight into the pregnancy, birth and motherhood in general. You may qualify for a maternity grant and don’t forget to ask your local physician about midwifery services.

  • Exercise

    Just because you are pregnant, that doesn’t mean you need to be inactive; of course, there are certain things to avoid and enrolling in a prenatal class is the best solution for suitable exercises. The lower back muscles can be worked, which helps in the 3rd trimester and this will help you throughout the term.

You can get a lot of support from your partner and with the right preparation, your path to motherhood will be a smooth one. It is important that you see your doctor as soon as you know you are pregnant and he or she will advise you on every aspect of the coming term and is always happy to answer any questions that you might have.





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Tips for the First Time Mum

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