Tips on How to Forgive Other People

All of us have people who have hurt us. And while you are festering with anger, and wallowing in hurt and sorrow, the other person has forgotten about the incident. If you don’t confront the other person, they may not know they have hurt you. Follow these simple tips to forgive other people and set yourself free from the resentment, anger and grudges and move on.

1. Let go of anger

I had to do it recently and I know how it’s hard. Forgiveness starts with clearing your mind and your heart from anger. The wrong that was done against you justifies your anger, but you have already decided to forgive, that’s why now you should let go of anger.

2. Set your mind on forgiveness

Forgiveness is not about the other people. It’s all about letting go of negative feelings. If you have been holding on to something for a while after the incident, then you have let it eat away at you. Now it’s time to let go and forgive.

3. Say it out loud

Often things may seem more real when you shout them out. Your words have power so you should use them for good. Speak your forgiveness. It is not necessary to share it with someone. You can read your journal entry out loud to yourself. The power of hearing all those words can help to set you free. Make sure to repeat that you’re forgiving the person a few times.

4. Write it out

I’m a huge fan of keeping a journal and writing out my feelings. This is a great form of self-therapy. Keeping a journal helps to release pent-up emotions. Start the journal entry out as a letter to someone you are forgiving. Start with “I forgive you for…” and then write down all your feelings and everything that took place.

5. Seek your own forgiveness

It is important to realize that you might also need forgiveness. It does not have to be for this certain situation. It can be for anything. Perhaps your depression and anger has led you to hurt other people. Free yourself and apologize to anyone you may have hurt in the past.

6. Journal it again

After you feel free of the resentment and anger, write about your thoughts and feelings of forgiveness. Perhaps, it is the most important step in finishing the forgiveness process. Moreover, it gives you a good reference for the future to see the process of forgiveness in action.

7. Accept their ignorance

People who hurt you might not have been acting intentionally. They might have been upset and hurt themselves, and acting sharply against you offered them some kind of relief. People who have been hurt tend to hurt others. Forgiveness may be easier a little, if you know this to be true in your situation. You have to know that sometimes people can act selfishly without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

Remember forgiveness is not about other people, it is about you. Is there someone you have to forgive? Do you have some tips on how to forgive other people? Share your thoughts, please!


Tips on How to Forgive Other People