Ways to Create a Great Spa Day at Home

Want some break off from your work or study, and want to relax but cannot go to the spa? Why not create a spa day at home? You can enjoy it alone or with your friends. A spa day at home should include a pampering spa treatment, healthy food, rest, and some time to get inspired. Check out some ways to create a great spa day at home!

1. Make a plan

It’s important to think about things you want from your spa day at home. Do you need some time by yourself to renew, relax and rest? Think of waking up naturally, focusing on relaxation exercise and relaxing spa treatments. If you wish you can invite your best friend and do it together. However, don’t invite more than 4 friends, because they can make your spa day less enjoyable.

2. Find time

Try to free your entire day and ensure that you are not going to be interrupted all day long. Turn off your cell phone, your voice mails, and your Facebook. If you have children, send them to your mother and your hubby to the bowling or golf course.

3. Get ready for your spa day

Getting ready for your spa day is significant as well. Pull together your slippers and robe, candles, spa CDs, clean towels and sheets, your facial products, a body scrub, exercise clothing, your favorite exercise DVDs, and products to get yourself a pedicure and manicure. This will inspire you to start planning your spa day at home.

4. Get spa treatment

The most common home spa treatments are a hot bath and body scrub. This can be a great thing to do in the afternoon. Make sure to take time to rest afterwards. You might also want to do your nails or give yourself a home facial.

5. Get inspired

Sometimes spas have lectures on wellness and health, so you might want to take some time to read or watch something inspiring. I like reading inspirational books, it helps me to relax and escape from my busy life!

6. Opt for healthy meals

You have to eat for energy, that’s why you need to create your home spa menu around only healthy food. I usually have an omelette with some veggies for breakfast, fried chicken breast and veggies for lunch, and lentil soup and some salad for dinner. Cook ahead or you can make it as a part of your spa day at home. Enjoy wine with strawberries and whipped cream the whole day.

7. Make some quiet time

I’m not going to tell you to get on a cushion and meditate. Just find time for some silent moments. Sit quietly for a few minutes and try to understand what’s going on inside you and around you.

8. Spread your love and kindness

Your spa day at home is all about extending kindness and love to yourself and other people around you. Show your family how much you love them. Cook something delicious and have a great family evening.

Do you have any tips for creating a great spa day at home? Share your thoughts, please!


Ways to Create a Great Spa Day at Home