Tips to Get Motivated

Motivation is something that we all need sometimes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s motivation to exercise or study. Even the most inspired sometimes can feel unmotivated. Here are 10 tips, which help you to get motivated anytime you’ll get into slump.

1. Set a goal

The biggest our mistake is that we always try to do many goals at once. If you have lots of things to do, to make it easier you should take them at one at a time. Believe me, it’ll be much easier to get motivated when you focus on one thing at a time. You can always do other goals when you’ve accomplished your one goal.

2. Look for inspiration

Another way to get motivated is to look for inspiration. If you want to lose weight, you should read weight loss blogs or magazines to see before-and-after pictures or to read success stories. If you need some inspiration about your study, you should think about your future and career. Find inspiration from those who have achieved what you want to achieve, I’m sure they had to do many things that they hated doing too.

3. Get support

Getting support is important when you’re trying to get motivated. It’s hard to accomplish something alone, isn’t it? Let your family or friends know what goal you have and what you’re going to do for achieving it. If your boyfriend knows that you’re trying to slim down he won’t ask you for a late burger run. If your friends have the same aim as you, join your forces to motivate each other to stay on track!

4. Make a commitment

Another effective way to get motivated is to make a commitment. Write and stick on the fridge or post on internet your goal. I have friend who purposely posts on Twitter that she is going to do so she won’t back out. Making your goal public will make you more motivated and you’re less likely to back down.

5. Start small

If you achieve your goal in small steps you’ll better to succeed. Do everything step by step, you can’t read the whole book at once, take it a chapter or two at a time and read a little each day so you’re not bored to do that. That is a great way to get yourself motivated, isn’t it?

6. Concentrate on your goal

If you think about your goal regularly, it’s much more likely to become accomplished. Don’t be obsessed with it, but every day find some time to think about your progress in achieving your goal and what else you need to do. Just concentrate on your goal and stay always motivated!

7. Realize the process

Realizing the process of reaching your goal is another way to get yourself motivated. You must understand that your goal won’t be accomplished in a matter of hours or more, it’s a gradual progression. Don’t expect miracles, let yourself adjust and make mistakes!

8. Celebrate your success!

Don’t forget to celebrate your success in reaching your goal even if it’s a small one. Any action you do towards accomplishing your goal is huge and worthy to be celebrated. If you’re trying to quit smoking and you’ve gone a few days without cigarettes treat yourself to something that you really like, e.g. a new lipstick. In such way you’ll look back on how excited it felt to reach that aim and how you’ll feel even more amazing when you’ve accomplished your goal.

9. Change the way you think

Another great way to get motivated is change the way you think about your goal and difficulties. Don’t ever let difficulties to stop you from moving forward! Just remember it’s natural to make mistakes and to fail once in awhile! Think about benefits, not the obstacles!

10. Be positive!

And the last effective way to get motivated in doing something is to be positive. Squash all negative thoughts! Look at every action in accomplishing your goal as a learning opportunity and a way to get to know yourself better. Think about final result and why you want to get motivated to do it. Stay positive and have confidence in your abilities!

There are many ways to get motivated to do something and I hope this 10 tips will help you to accomplish your goal. It’s so hard to get inspired to do one certain thing when we have lots of them, but if you set a goal you’ll definitely reach it, I know you can do it!


Tips to Get Motivated