Tips for a Long-Lasting Manicure

Tips for a Long-Lasting Manicure : Many of us find it difficult to make our manicure last long because we use our hands in everything that we do. Check out a few tips to keep your hands smooth and soft and your nails in perfect condition for a really longer time.

1. File your nails before your manicure

No matter whether you’re doing your manicure yourself at home or going to a salon for it, file your nails before starting your manicure. It will give your nails a smooth edge and will prevent them from breaking. No matter how perfect your manicure is, it will look awful if your nails are not perfect. Therefore, file your nails before your manicure to make it last for a long time.

2. Protect your manicured hands from excessive exposure to water

Exposing your hands to water for a long time will cause your nail beds to expand, making your nails prone to chipping. Moreover, water will weaken not only the strength of your nails, but your nail polish too. If you’re doing the dishes or having a shower, wear gloves. This will protect your nails from the chemicals present in soaps, shampoos and detergents.

3. Paint a nail strengthener over your nails

A good nail strengthener will help to keep the color sealed longer and give your nail paint extra shine. Apply a strengthener after reapplying your nail polish for a second time in a week as you’ll not be able to use nail polish after using a nail strengthener. Use a strengthener even if you have a manicure without any nail polish at all.

4. Push back your cuticles

After a shower push back your cuticles. This will help your nail polish to get maximum coverage on your nails instead of your skin. If you’re using gloves while taking a shower, use a cuticle softener or a hand cream to moisten your cuticles before pushing them. Do this before starting your manicure and after several days of your manicure.

5. Moisturize your hands

A good manicure looks beautiful because it makes your hands supple and soft. Moisturize your hands every night before you go to bed. Applying hand cream at night will help to keep the moisture in your hands for a few hours straight. If you use a hand cream in daytime your hands are often exposed to water and that will remove your moisturizer very quickly.

6. Reapply nail polish a few times

After two or three days of your manicure, your nail polish will dry completely. That’s why you need to reapply one more coat. Apply one more coat of nail polish in a week if you want your manicure to last as long as possible. This will also prevent your nails from chipping off.

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Tips for a Long-Lasting Manicure