Top Tips To Help Keep Your Elderly Relatives Safer

Top Tips To Help Keep Your Elderly Relatives Safer : The circle of life can truly be a very wonderful thing but when it comes to the ageing process then this is a little bit more difficult to handle. With age comes sickness and so we have to watch our “elderly parents” slow down quite a lot and things that they found very easy to do in the past now become a lot more difficult.

They took care of us when we were very young and so now it is our turn to take care of them in these most difficult of times.

Figuring out what your role is in all of this can be very difficult and you don’t want to be stepping on your parent’s toes and forcing them into a situation where they will lose their independence. It’s likely that they have been living in a property for a number of decades now and so they find it difficult to ask for help. The first thing that you want to do is to provide them with a personal alarm so that when you cannot be there, they know that there is help available at the push of a button.

The following are just some top tips that will help you to keep your elderly relatives safer.

  1. In home safety features

    As was mentioned briefly before, a personal alarm is a fantastic addition and it gives your parents the peace of mind that they need. You might want to think about investing in appliances that can shut themselves off after a previous time like the gas cooker and the electric kettle.

  2. Reduce the chances of falling

    You’ve probably never thought about it before because you never recognised them but there are now safety hazards throughout your parents home that were never an issue before but they are now. It can be something as simple as we organising the furniture so that it’s easier for them to get from one side of the room to another.

  3. Check in regularly

    In many cases it might not be convenient for you to call around in person but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use modern technology to give them a call and have some face time with them. If they are the kind of parents who do not embrace technology then you can set devices to switch on automatically and to just accept calls without any need for them to press any buttons.

  4. Talk to their neighbours

    Neighbours can be a lot more helpful than many people give them credit for and if your parents are well liked in the community then the neighbours will not think twice about calling in on them and checking that everything is okay. It could be something as simple as just keeping an eye out for them and maybe giving you a call if they feel that your parents are having some difficulties.

It is also incredibly important to remember that your parent’s cognitive abilities may not be as sound as they used to be and so you need to be a lot more patient than you normally are. Try not to get angry with them when they repeat themselves again and again and if they are forgetful then it only takes a moment to remind them about something important.




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Top Tips To Help Keep Your Elderly Relatives Safer

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