Trendy Home Decor Ideas

I must admit that I’m going to incorporate all of these trendy home décor ideas into my home! I think that home decor shows your personality, so I’m always looking for some creative home décor ideas! Show your personality by decorating your home with these awesomely trendy home décor ideas!

Awesomely Trendy Home Decor Ideas

1. Antique doorknob curtain tiebacks

 Antique doorknob curtain tiebacks

Since I’m a vintage style junkie, I absolutely love this home décor idea! Antique doorknob curtain tiebacks are so elegant and chic and they are perfect for adding a little feminine flair!


2. Lace detailed dresser

Lace detailed dresser

Looking for great way to spruce up your old dresser? Apply some Mod Podge and lace, and paint over the lace. Beautiful, elegant, fairly inexpensive and oh so easy!


3. Hidden room

Hidden room

I’ve always wanted to have a hidden room, especially behind bookshelves. Wouldn’t it be great to have your hidden room to sneak off when you want? This is one of the most trendy home decor ideas you may want to try!


4. French door shower enclosure

French door shower enclosure

French door shower enclosure is absolutely fascinating! Like the antique doorknob curtain tiebacks, this decor idea also has a rustic, yet feminine flair!


5. Bathroom bold pattern

Bathroom bold pattern

Wallpaper only one wall in your bathroom, especially the one behind the toilet or the mirror. This will help create a great focal point for small space. You can choose any pattern you like, but make sure it matches the corresponding paint.


6. Window seat

Window seat

I love my window seat, such a cozy place to snuggle up and read a favorite book. This home décor idea is perfect for those who cannot afford to have a hidden room in their house!


7. String lights

 String lights

This idea is so chic and so simple! The lighting creates a great ambience to the room and also sets your mood for relaxation. Just hang a curtain and string lights behind it.


8. Dainty closet doors

Dainty closet doors

If you have a daughter, these dainty closet doors might be perfect for her bedroom! Plus, it is an excellent way to dress up your dull closet doors! I love this décor idea and I’m sure your daughter will love it too!


9. Chalkboard wall

Chalkboard wall

This décor idea is definitely for your kids! Chalkboard wall is a great way to showcase your children’s artwork and it’s also really fun for the kids! Moreover, it’s so easy cleanup!

So, ladies, will you be using any of these awesomely trendy home decor ideas? Let me know which decor ideas you like.


Trendy Home Decor Ideas