Ways to Control Your Shopping Addiction

If you have a lot of debt and your closets are bursting at the seams, then it’s time to start to control your shopping addiction. Almost every girl loves shopping, but sometimes it could become a very serious problem. Check out a few tips for controlling your shopping addiction.


1. Use cash only

Yes, I know it’s extremely difficult to use cash only, but you have to do it! Cash is the best option when you cannot resist temptation! When you need to buy essentials, calculate how much money you will need, take that amount of money and leave your credit cards at home. Learn how to go shopping without your credit cards!

2. Stay away

Control your shopping addiction by staying away from the shops, including online shops, since online shopping may be even more addictive! It’s easier to type in the number of your credit card and have goodies delivered to your door. But try not to browse online.

3. Find alternative pastimes

For some people shopping is a leisure pursuit. If shopping is also your leisure pursuit, you should find alternative activities. Trust me, there are much more fulfilling and interesting ways to spend your time that you might even forget about shopping!

4. Have only one card

One of the best ways to avoid spending too much is to have only one card. If you have many credit cards, try to get rid of them. Keep one for emergencies, but don’t use it for online shopping or take it out shopping. Remember, use cash only!

5. Block websites

Parental control is useful for protecting kids, but not only kids need to be protected, right? There are plenty of wonderful sites full of beautiful things, and if you find browsing your favorite websites constantly turns into buying, it’s better to block those websites!

6. Check your closet

Want to buy a couple of shirts for work, an outfit for a party, or a dress for some occasion? Put down your wallet and head to your closets before you go shopping. I’m sure you have a lot of garments that might do fine; perhaps, there will be some clothes that you have not even worn yet. Am I right? Think twice before you want to buy something, girls!

7. Shop at thrift stores

One of the great ways to keep the urge to shop under control is to shop at thrift stores. Really, girls, such type of shopping will allow you to enjoy some great and “new” things without spending a lot of money. However, if you are aiming to control your shopping addiction, you shouldn’t buy plenty of things just because they are cheap. Setting limits is the key!

I know shopping is fun, and every woman likes to treat herself to new things. However, if shopping gets out of control, it will lead to numerous credit card bills and lots of stress. How do you control your shopping addiction? Share your thoughts, ladies, and thanks for reading! Hope my tips will help you!


Ways to Control Your Shopping Addiction