Tried and Tested Strategies to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Tried and Tested Strategies to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions : The new year comes with new intentions and hopeful beginnings. Most people set a new year’s resolution that they wish to attain before the end of the year.

Ironically, they also find it difficult to make the resolution last for more than three months!
Research says that maintaining a commitment comes down to personal habits, willpower, perseverance and discipline. The best part is that these traits can be honed and developed with time.

Scientists also believe that along with these traits you need to plan, prioritize and, most importantly, be tolerant of the temporary discomfort that comes with changing old habits.

We give you a few more strategies to help you keep up your new year’s resolutions:

  1. Realistic Goals

    Be realistic and strive for an attainable goal. Keep in mind that the goals you are setting won’t be achievable overnight. You need to develop those habits slowly and be consistent.

    Weigh out your options for pursuing a particular goal, and take an honest stance on where you currently stand and how you can achieve this goal. Always remember that it takes time to achieve fruitful results. Be aware of the discomfort you may go through before you can visualize your goal coming to life.

  2. Talk

    Manifest your resolutions by talking about them to others. You can also use affirmations for yourself.

    Your inner voice helps you exert self-control. Use it to remind yourself about why you took the resolve and your final goal. Encourage yourself to pursue the resolution. Talking to others about your new year’s resolution holds you accountable. You now have someone monitoring your progress.

  3. Exercise

    Most people choose exercising as their new year’s resolution but find it difficult to follow through. Research shows that exercise tends to increase blood flow to the frontal parts of the brain which is involved in executive function and higher-level cognitive processing. Improved cognition means exercise can help you keep up your new year’s resolutions. It makes you patient and persevering, keeps you fit and reduces stress.

  4. Do It With People

    Discuss with your friends the plans and goals you have for the new year. Chances are two of you might share the same resolution. You can outline your resolutions and try to achieve your goals as a group.

    Partner up with such people and track each other’s progress. Research also shows that a good company can influence your thoughts and actions. People who are motivated and driven will make you want to work hard and achieve your goals. Whereas lazy people tend to pull you down along with them. Be careful of your company.

  5. Positivity

    Make a list of the pros and cons of your new year’s resolution. This list can grow over time as you plan and become proactive for your goal.

    To stay motivated, look at the pros, and replace negative self-talk with a positive mindset. When your thoughts are positive, the actions that follow will also be positive.

    Every time you have doubts about your resolution, you can write down your thoughts and all the positivity associated with attaining this goal to keep yourself motivated. For instance, as a student, if you’ve resolved that your skills can match PhD level writers, nothing can keep you from reaching there.


If you have figured out a routine that works for you and helps you maintain your resolutions, don’t let it go! Stick to it and notice how you transform into a better person. Don’t beat yourself up too much for slipping away from a resolution. This only wastes your time. Instead, pick yourself up and don’t repeat your mistakes. Every day comes with infinite new possibilities to grow. If you cannot find the motivation to pursue a resolution at any time, you can always start over.



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Tried and Tested Strategies to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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