5 Aesthetic Treatments To Reverse Aging

5 Aesthetic Treatments To Reverse Aging : It doesn’t matter how old you are and what your skin type is; if your skin is healthy, it will emanate a natural glow and make you look much younger.

The vice versa is also true. When your skin is unhealthy, it can become dull and lifeless, making you look older than your biological age.

Thankfully, there are some effective treatments performed by a clinical and aesthetic dermatologist that can bring back the natural luster of your skin.

Here are 5 really popular ones –

  1. Hydrafacial

    Hydrafacial is a non-invasive and safe procedure, perfect for taking some age off your face. The treatment is painless and gives instant results with no downtime. It works by peeling, hydrating, and cleansing your skin. In Hydrafacial, a patented serum, along with peels, is used to remove your dull, dead, and damaged skin cells, giving way to healthier and more youthful skin.

    This treatment can address a variety of skin aging issues ranging from discoloration to uneven skin texture and acne to blemishes. Hydrafacial has minimal effects and is suitable for people of all skin types.

  2. Carbon Laser Peel

    This treatment is popularly known as the China doll facial treatment. Like Hydrafacial, this treatment has no downtime, and you can witness instant results after the procedure. In this procedure, liquid carbon is first applied to your face. As it dries, it attaches itself to dirt and other contaminants on your face.

    The dermatologist will then use a warming laser to heat the carbon and make it absorb more impurities on your skin. Finally, a pulsed laser is used to destroy the carbon particles and the dead skin cells. Once the treatment is complete, your skin will become more supple and healthy.

  3. Botox

    This treatment uses botulinum toxin to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines from your face. When this toxin is injected into your muscles, it will temporarily paralyze the muscle. The dermatologist will usually apply a numbing cream before starting the treatment. This ensures that you don’t feel any pain during the procedure.

    You can start seeing results in 7-14 days. According to Dr. Renu Nair, a clinical and aesthetic dermatologist, “It is quite common to experience some bruising and swelling after the procedure.” Apart from fine lines and wrinkles, botox is also used to reduce crow’s feet, frown

  4. Chemical Peel

    Chemical peel has, time and again, proven to be quite successful in improving the skin’s appearance and reducing skin damage. There are three types of peels, light, medium, and deep. The dermatologist will choose a type of peel based on the magnitude of skin damage, your skin type, and expected results.

    Usually, there is no downtime in light peels, while medium and deep peels have some downtime. Chemical peels work by peeling off different layers of skin, resulting in new skin formation that has an even texture and is smoother. The treatment effectively reduces fine lines, acne, and skin pigmentation.

  5. Laser Toning

    This treatment uses Nd: YAG laser to rejuvenate your skin. The laser breaks down the skin pigments into fine particles, which are later removed naturally by your body. During the treatment, you might experience a slight tingling sensation. Apart from that, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the entire procedure.

    One can experience mild to moderate redness for a few hours after the treatment. It would take around a week to start seeing any results after the first session. However, to get the best possible results, multiple sessions might be required. It is quite effective against both artificial and natural pigmentation.


By picking one of the above treatments, you will join a growing number of people who are undergoing aesthetic treatments to reverse aging. But the decision of ‘what is the best treatment for your skin’ is best left to your dermatologist. They will perform a thorough analysis, identify your skin type, and select a treatment that’s safe, effective, and produce the fastest results.





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5 Aesthetic Treatments To Reverse Aging

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