Types of Dumbbells: A Guide To Choosing Yours

Types of Dumbbells: A Guide To Choosing Yours: If you’ve ever been to the gym before, you’ll already know what dumbbells are. Convenient, easy for beginners and a great way to keep in shape and build muscle tone, dumbbells are an excellent choice for anyone starting out with free weights.

But did you know that there are lots of types of dumbbells to choose from? Here’s a guide to some of the main options to help you choose the right type of dumbbell for your workout.

Fixed Dumbbells

As suggested by the name, fixed dumbbells have a fixed weight and there is no way to adjust them. They consist of two equal weights on each end, separated by a handle.

Fixed dumbbells are easy to use because no adjustments are needed. You just choose the right weight for you and start using it. They are very strong and durable, and they feel good to hold and lift.

However, if you need lots of different weights, you’ll need to get a set, which will take up more space and require a weight rack to keep them in order.

Adjustable Dumbbells

With adjustable dumbbells, you can adjust the weight. You do this by simply adding extra weight plates to increase the weight according to your needs.

These are smaller and easier to store than multiple fixed dumbbells, making them a good option for the home gym. They are convenient, versatile and provide you with a way to work out nearly all your muscle groups.

They have different mechanisms for adjusting the weight. One popular option is spin locks, which allow you to add several plates to the ends and then lock them into place so you get the exact weight you are aiming for.

However, sometimes they can be fiddly to adjust, and it can also be a hassle to change the weight, which can get in the way of your momentum during a workout.

Different Shapes

So those are the two main categories, but there is more to dumbbells. For a start, some come in different shapes. While most dumbbells are round, there are other options. The main alternative is the hex dumbbell.

Hex dumbbells are dumbbells with hexagon-shaped weights on each end. Apart from that, they are the same as standard round weights. So why would you choose these?

For a start, they are a more practical option because they won’t roll away in the same way as round dumbbells. They also allow you to introduce new workouts like push-ups because they can be placed flat on the floor.

Different Materials

Dumbbells are also made from different materials. Some dumbbells are made from cast iron, and they are popular because they are almost indestructible and look good too. However, they are not always the most comfortable to hold, and they are prone to rusting if they get wet.

Chrome dumbbells are another popular choice. These attractive dumbbells look stylish, and while they are not usually as heavy as cast-iron dumbbells, they tend to be more comfortable to hold.

Some dumbbells are covered in rubber, urethane or neoprene. These usually have a cast-iron core, and they are often brightly coloured. They are soft and comfortable in the hand, making them a great option if you are doing lots of reps.

Experiment with Different Dumbbells

So there you have it, quite a few different options to consider when you start using dumbbells. These weights are popular because they are so simple to use, but consider these factors next time you’re in the gym to find the right type of dumbbell for you.





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Types of Dumbbells: A Guide To Choosing Yours

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