Types Of Weeds, Is Reggie A Good Quality Weed?

Types Of Weeds, Is Reggie A Good Quality Weed?
Types Of Weeds, Is Reggie A Good Quality Weed?

Types Of Weeds, Is Reggie A Good Quality Weed? There are many types of weeds from top to lower levels, on the basis of quality they hold. So it is important to know about the weeds and learn about its effects and THC percentage. New strains options have arrived as well. Although, it will be a bit quirky for the beginners, but after sometimes , you will get familiar with the same.

Choosing your weed is not that easy, you should have some prevalent knowledge on it. So, some important points are mentioned here, to help you to choose your weed wisely .

Points to consider while choosing your weeds :

  1. Firstly, you need to know about yourself, whether you are a experienced stoner or a beginner. If you are a beginner, then your inhaling capacity will be different. And if you are an experience holder, then also your choices of weeds and THC inducing capacity will be different.
  2. Secondly, you need to know about the quality. Because, high quality weeds will give you the high feeling soon, but the low quality weeds will give you the high feeling , only after consuming a larger amount of weeds. Also, the tastes of weeds differ according to its quality.
  3. Thirdly, you need to know how much dosage, you can consume. Because, your body should respond to the specific dosage you have ingested. So, know your capacity of inhaling and eating weeds.

So, those are three main points that you should follow, while choosing your weeds. Choosing your weeds, also depends on the availability of the weeds. Because, every time weeds are keep changed according to market potential.

Types of weed according to quality :

  1. Bad Quality Weed

    Bad quality weeds refer to those , which lack tastes, and do not give top euphoric feeling, until and unless you consume it in a larger quantity. Like Reggie is a very dry and seedy weed, does not taste good and it looks like clipping grasses.  You are going to miss many characteristics of the top shelf weeds. Many people call Weed as a dirt. But, if you are in the beginning phrase of eating weeds, then you can try this once.

    Also, if you want to start your journey with some quality weeds, then go for a step higher weeds. And smoking low quality weed is completely your decision.

    THC levels in bad quality weeds are : The percentage of availability of THC in bad quality weeds lie between 2 % to 10%.

    Few specs of Bad or low quality weeds are : Bunk, Dirt, Ditch weed, Schwag, Brick Bud, shake, wack and many more.

  2. Mid Grade Weed

    Mid grade weeds are a step higher than the Bad quality weed. Here, the availability of the TCH percentage is a bit more higher than the, Bad quality weed. You will realize much vibrant quality than the bad quality weeds.

    The buds are dry, but you will get the high. But, these kinds of leafy weeds will provide some wonderful feeling than the bad quality ones. A mid buzz is little bit more nuanced and mellow,  if you compare it to other weed.

    This type of weeds you can use , even when you are a beginner, because of its a little good quality than the bad weeds.

    Few specs of Mid Grade weeds are : K-town, Mid – shelf, Mids, Regs etc.

    THC levels of Mid grade weeds are : The THC percentage in mid grade weeds, lies between 15 % to 20%.

  3. Top-shelf Dank weed

    These types of weeds are a bit more expensive, but the more you pay the more you get good quality weeds. These types of weeds give you the enjoyment you are searching for long. The top most euphoric feeling you receive after smoking or ingesting or inhaling it. These types of weeds will leave you subdued for a moment, but you must have the tolerance capacity to feel the warmth and top.

    You can call it as a loud weed. When you consume top shelf, you expect a good smell from the weed, it gives you that.

    Few specs of Top shelf Dank weeds are : Flame, Top Colas, Dank, Kine bud, Kind Bud, Primo, Loud, Top – Shelf, Fire, Kill etc.

    THC levels of Top- Shelf Dank weed :

    THC levels , in top – shelf weeds vary from 25% to 30%. For medicinal purposes, these kind of weeds are available in some dispensaries of legalised places of those countries. For recreational participation , you can use those weeds .

We hope , you have lay out an idea on the types of weeds and about Weed, where it lies according to its quality. Therefore, be careful and choose your weed properly.






Types Of Weeds, Is Reggie A Good Quality Weed?




Types Of Weeds, Is Reggie A Good Quality Weed?

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