Warm-Up in 5 Minutes or Less with this Dynamic Full Body Routine

Warm-Up in 5 Minutes or Less with this Dynamic Full Body Routine
Warm-Up in 5 Minutes or Less with this Dynamic Full Body Routine

Warm-Up in 5 Minutes or Less with this Dynamic Full Body Routine :

What are Warm-Ups?

Before starting your daily workout routine, it is crucial to prepare your muscles by stimulating those using simple exercises. These exercises are warm-ups; they usually aim at muscles that you are about to work on during the workout routine. Warm-up exercises are generally lighter than the actual daily workout, and it’ll take a shorter time to do them.

Reasons to Do Warm-Ups

It is imperative to begin warm-ups whenever you‘re doing your simple daily workout since there are several benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • They reduce the risk of injury since the exercises allow the muscles to
  • They stimulate a better performance because you will have pumped up enough blood to give you adrenaline through the daily workout challenge.
  • They prevent any muscle cramps and strain since warm-ups reduce muscle pain and tension.
  • Warm-ups increase flexibility, enabling you to move around freely and comfortably.
  • Warm-ups trigger an increase in oxygen and blood flow, which is what your muscles need to keep you going all the way.
  • Warm-ups will enable you to have a better range of motion, which helps your joints endure the whole workout.
Reasons to Do Warm-Ups
Reasons to Do Warm-Ups

Dynamic Warm-Up vs. Static Stretching

People often confuse these terms, and we must address the difference before moving forward. Dynamic warm-ups are done before the daily gym workout to give you mobility, strength, and coordination to boost your performance. They are exercises that are similar to the ones that you’ll do during your workout routine. Static stretching, on the other hand, are muscle stretches done after you are done with your workout to increase flexibility, motion, and loosen your muscles’ tension. They do not resemble any of the exercises in your workout routine.

The Dynamic Full Body Warm-Ups

The following exercise should be done without any weights and should take intervals of at most three sets of 10 reps. It is crucial to start with the simple version of the exercises before you can progress to each training’s complex phases. You can include a stimulant free pre workout dose to boost your stability and efficiency of the warm-ups.

The Dynamic Full Body Warm-Ups
The Dynamic Full Body Warm-Ups


Push-ups involve raising your entire upper body using your hands and supporting your legs working as the fulcrum. It is a perfect warm-up exercise for your chest daily workout routine at home.


Pull-ups mostly impact on your biceps, triceps, and lats. The exercise involves hanging on a suspended bar and raising your body until your chin is above the bar.


Sit-ups are simpler to do as you’ll only require a mat. Lie on your back and raise your knees to form a 90 degrees angle from your inner knees to the butt and feet, and then raise your upper body for your head and back to be off the flow and do that repeatedly thoroughly. It’s best for abs muscles.


Squats involve standing with your legs slightly beyond shoulder length, and while bending your knees, go down and come back up. It best fits glutes, quads, and hamstring muscles.

Arm Circles

Suspend your arms to form a 90 degrees angle from your rib area and draw an imaginary circle. Include this exercise in your daily full-body workout to hit the forearms and triceps.

Jumping Jacks

Alternate jumps with one in the alert scout position and the other with your arms facing the sky and legs wide apart. It’s among the best warm-up for a cardio workout routine.


Slower than running, jogging is the perfect warm-up before a sprint.

Side Lunges

With your legs wide apart, move your upper body from right to left with your bending knee’s help. It is a proper warm-up for the quads and butt.


Grab a mat and lie on your tummy. Raise your legs using your toes and your upper body using support from your elbow to the wrist and hang in there. It is excellent for your abs muscles.


Get a slightly raised area and stand at the edge on your toes. Raise your body up and down as if you are jumping, although your body is still rooted in your toes. It effectively impacts your cuffs.

High Knee March

Stand like a soldier and march with your knees forming a 90 degrees angle every time you lift them. It is useful for the butt.


To avoid any form of injuries and perform your workouts effectively, you should start by a quick warm-up session. If you wonder what the best daily workout routine is, you should consult with your trainer. Remember that each warm-up session should take 8 – 15 minutes.

Do you end by stretching
Do you end by stretching

So tell us, what is the best daily workout routine? Do you start with warm-ups? Do you end by stretching? Leave a comment.



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Warm-Up in 5 Minutes or Less with this Dynamic Full Body Routine

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