Unusual Traffic Rules In Different Countries

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Unusual Traffic Rules In Different Countries
Unusual Traffic Rules In Different Countries

Unusual Traffic Rules In Different Countries : When planning a trip abroad, many rent a car in the host country. This is a good opportunity to see as many beautiful places and attractions as possible, without depending on the schedule of public transports and guides, so that the impressions of the trip are more complete and vivid. Due to that, car rentals are in great demand not only among tourists, but among locals as well.

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However, it is worth considering that each country has its own distinctive rules of the road. And to avoid accidents on the road, it is necessary to study them. In the article we have collected the top unusual rules on the road abroad.


In Denmark, there is one mandatory condition before driving a car: it is necessary to check for the presence of sleeping people under the car. If you do not do this and the police notice it, you will be obliged to pay a fine.


The traffic laws of Spain are famous for the fact that it is forbidden to drive a car in unsuitable shoes: sandals, high-heeled shoes, unlaced shoes or even barefoot.

As for parking cars, there are also nuances here: it is necessary to park the car depending on the day of the week. On even days, the car must be parked on the side of houses with even values, and on odd days on the side of odd house numbers.


Pets are our loyal friends. If you are planning to travel and do not know whether to take your pet with you, then you should read an article on how to train a dog to travel in a car and make the journey safe and comfortable.

According to Italian law, the transportation of pets in a car has a limited number. To date, only one pet is allowed to be transported. If you do not comply with this rule, you will have to pay a fine.

For people with poor eyesight in Italy, there is the following rule: if you wear glasses, then you must have spare glasses when driving a car. If a policeman stops you, they will definitely require you to show them spare glasses. If you do not have them, in this case you also undertake to pay a fine.


A feature of the traffic regulations of this country is the mandatory presence of a breathalyzer in the car. This law has been in force since 2013 and applies to every driver regardless of their origin.


The following rule applies here:in no case should the driver approach the pedestrian crossing closer than 5 meters. Otherwise, you will be prosecuted for aggressive driving.


Unlike other countries, in Macedonia, a drunk passenger has the right to occupy only the back seats of the car. In case of non-compliance with this law, both the driver and the drunk passenger will be fined.


In some US states, there are certain laws that prohibit a driver from transporting closed bottles of alcohol in his car.


There is a ban on smoking at the wheel. If you suddenly decide to go to visit the beautiful places of this country by car, then forget about smoking, otherwise you will pay a fine.


In this country, for all drivers without exception (including women), there is a strict rule that obliges any driver to drive only in a shirt. Otherwise, you will be fined for non-compliance with this rule.

Now you have got acquainted with the unusual rules of driving cars in other countries. Be sure to learn before the trip about how to rent a car abroad, about the rules of the road, as well as about the traditions and culture of a foreign country, so as not to get into an awkward situation.




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Unusual Traffic Rules In Different Countries

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