Viral For A Reason – Luxmery Bodysuit Review

Viral For A Reason – Luxmery Bodysuit Review : Listen, finding good quality shapewear is tough. I mean I’ve tried at least a dozen from several brands and I’m disappointed most of the time. I either have to pay an outrageous price for big brands or I simply don’t get the quality I need.

Shapewear has become a staple these days, especially since it helps with owning imperfections. If you find yourself in the same position, you definitely should give the Bodysuit Shapewear a try. Gone are the days of shapewear that would suck the life out of you because this one is here to only suck in your beautiful imperfections.

When life gives you curves, embrace them. There is no better way to feel empowered than slipping into the Luxmery Bodysuit, my newfound gem. This single piece will make styling a game-changer for you. This has now become a wardrobe staple and is not just a base layer anymore but has a key role in any statement-making outfit.

This figure-sculpting bodysuit snugs you in a way that feels comfortable and sexy. Indeed a dream come true for all of us curvy ladies looking to get a sculpted body. Luxmery’s Viral Bodysuit is meant to create a perfect profile while sculpting and snatching your curves effortlessly.

Once you slip into this amazing shapewear bodysuit, you will truly find yourself transformed, giving “my body my rules” a new definition. We are living for the effortless fit that not only snatches you in but makes you feel less bulky and smooth while keeping it from bulging and pinching the skin. This bodysuit feels super comfortable around the chest so that there is no compression on your breast. On top of all that, this Tiktok viral bodysuit is usually worn without a bra.

You might be wondering, doesn’t this bodysuit have cons? Well, small ones.

I feel like this product is made for those with longer torsos. If you have a shorter torso you won’t get the full benefits discussed above. Breast support is okay, but not incredible.

Having said that, I still believe this is a definite must have.

Let’s move on to styling. Your inner fashionista will definitely come out to explore endless possibilities for styling with this versatile bodysuit.

Styling the Bodysuit
Styling the Bodysuit

Here are some of my favourite outfits for a variety of styles.

High Waist Flared Pants

Flared pants are a whole vibe especially once you pair it up with the Luxmery Bodysuit. I guarantee you this look is just chic. I will call this look the cool girl vibe.

Sleek Leather Pants

One of the most kickass ways to appreciate the gorgeous fit of the Luxmery bodysuit is to style it up with sleek leather pants. I love how the perfect compressive fit of this bodysuit pairs up with leather pants that even Kim Kardashian will be taking notes on.

Business Casual Blazer

Blazer and bodysuit, just wow. This classical duo works so well in sync to bring out your hidden confidence. The contoured fit of Luxmery shapewear bodysuit works wonders when paired with a tailored blazer. It not only enhances your silhouette but brings out confidence in your figure. Throw on tailored pants to finish off the look.

Any Dress

The luxmery bodysuit works well under any dress. The bodysuit snatches you in accentuating your beautiful figure under any dress.

Flowy Skirt

One of my personal favourites has to be this sophisticated combo. Since Luxmery is bringing a tummy control bodysuit, you can rely on a flowy skirt to make the rest of your outfit look fluid. The sophisticated design hides bulges around your tummy and hips so that your skirt can be the highlight.

Skinny Jeans

The snatched fit of the Luxmery bodysuit looks perfect with skinny denim jeans for a figure accentuating look. The swoon-worthy fit will soon become your staple. This versatile pairing will take you from casual days to nights with ease. Throw on a denim jacket for when the days are cold.

Just give this bodysuit a go. You won’t regret it. Not only that, you’ll find yourself ordering them in every colour (I know from personal experience). The curvy-luscious fit is specially designed to give you all the reasons to love your imperfections. You will be making a statement everywhere with the above outfits.




Viral For A Reason – Luxmery Bodysuit Review

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