How To Feel Confident In A Bodysuit

How To Feel Confident In A Bodysuit : Bodysuits can be a great way to sport the latest fashion and feel comfortable at the same time. It can make you feel sexy and boost your confidence, but at the same time, some ladies may have second thoughts about wearing it. Here we’re going to tell you about how you can pull off a pretty bodysuit and feel confident wearing it.

I would rather recommend trying it with a pair of tights and stockings with a garter belt, or even better a girdle. Filling the pointed cups required some skill with firm pulling and pressing until they reached the top of the cups.

Bodysuit is fun

I enjoyed watching the flesh bulge over the edges of the bodysuit. I was excited by the sound of the many sturdy iron bars in the corset with every movement. In the evening, I didn’t want to take them off at all and always enjoyed putting on stockings early and taking them off again in the evening. Most corsets have a service opening, and this makes hygiene easier. To my surprise, lighter and less stiff corselets came onto the market at the end of the 1960s.

Know your man likes it

Many men not only like to see their partner in beautiful lingerie, but they will also consider buying the for you at some point. And why not a bodysuit too. If you like to wear tights, you have probably seen some tights slip. A panty girdle can help. Everything fits perfectly, and it’s a pleasant feeling.

Then there is often a desire to try something more formative. The range is wide: from simple panty girdles to classic panty girdles – wearing a bodysuit is a special thing. On the one hand, you feel cramped, and the movements are somewhat restricted. After getting used to the bodysuit, this tightness and the feeling of being shaped will be perceived as pleasant by many.

Your reasons to wear a bodysuit

Your reasons to wear a bodysuit
Your reasons to wear a bodysuit

There are different reasons to wear a bodysuit. A well-shaping bodysuit makes you slimmer, and the outer clothing fits better. A bodysuit also supports – it is particularly comfortable for the back when standing or sitting for long periods. Or it is worn because it makes you feel more feminine. For many older people, classic girdle and stockings are the first choices. It is reminiscent of the youth when women generally still wore stockings.

Perhaps this is why first experiences with bodysuits come from trying on girdles and stockings from mother or sister. At least that’s how it was for me. Tried it once and it zoomed. Many can no longer avoid the excitement of wearing the tightness of the girdle and feeling the gentle pull of the garter with every step.


The fine material of the stockings – preferably on freshly shaved legs – is hard to beat. At some point, you start wearing a bodysuit every day. You just don’t feel properly dressed without it. You can say that it’s addictive. It is not for nothing that one speaks of girdle dependency. Corsets and girdles are easy to wear everywhere and under normal clothing. It looks different from the corselet.

Feels attractive

There is the question of how to deal with the basket, which of course can be sewn flat. That is why it is particularly attractive. There are also different variants here. A bullet bra for nostalgia fans is hard to miss with its special cup shape, but maybe that’s why it’s interesting. And the last thing is the corset. The lacing system deliberately reduces the waist. The wearing comfort is something very special due to the clear limitation.

Stand Confident with a man

Another aspect is how others – especially wearing their own bodysuit – stand with the man in the bodysuit. Social acceptance is important. A great contribution could be from me, something that speaks to me from the soul. I don’t wear these things for sex. Every bodysuit doesn’t need panties, long stockings, girdles and skirts, just like others wear their slacks or casual dress.

Practice works

A shaping bodysuit such as girdles or girdle trousers certainly requires some getting used to. But after a while, you just feel comfortable in it and don’t want to do without it anymore. As I write, it has nothing to do with sexual stimulation. It may have been different as a teenager. I have often wondered what excites me to wear bodysuits and stockings.

But the way I see it, my passion for corsetry and lingerie will probably accompany me all my life. I have to say that I meant the older corsets and girdles as well as girdle pants. I don’t like the new modern thin straps. Corsets that you can feel on your skin. Right, as a teenager, it was a pleasure to enjoy.

Find your confidence

Unfortunately, fewer women come up with the idea of ​​wearing a bodysuit. I used to be afraid of being discovered; today, I want to be discovered. Especially at work, it was always a great relaxation for me to wear stockings on the halter all day. None of my work colleagues knew that I was wearing stockings. In the evening, I didn’t want to take them off at all and always enjoyed putting on stockings early and taking them off again in the evening.

Now that I am at home, I enjoy the daily feeling of wearing it all day. My favorite bodysuits are the ones from the Valley Girl that I wear the most. It’s a fixed ritual putting on girdles and stockings in the morning after showering. Slipping the stockings over your legs and then fastening them is always a nice feeling. Only in the evening before going to bed, I take off stockings and corsets again. At first, I was afraid that at some point someone would notice what I was wearing under the suit. But there have never been any problems. Today I can understand my mother very well, who always wore her bodysuit from morning to evening or later on her panty girdle.

Should I buy it and try it?

Your mother apparently didn’t intervene much. That’s right, as a teenager it was a mess, today to enjoy. Since my youth, I have been fascinated by what women wear directly on their skin — the bars and underwire, the laces, the straps etc. With the right bodysuit length and suspenders length, you can wear bodysuits comfortably all day long, and nothing slips like In response to gijoe3 that was not a stimulus guide, but a source of supply. Learn more about how to wear a bodysuit like a boss.


In this way, modern bodysuits offer significantly more comfort despite their body-enhancing effect. I was afraid and hopeful at the same time. Also, this is the only way to conceal a round belly.






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How To Feel Confident In A Bodysuit

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