Using a Waist Trainer

Using a Waist Trainer: All of those celebrities with their simply amazing bodies, how do they do it? Well, some are very lucky and have a stunning figure to begin with, but for others it is just as hard work as it is for the rest of us. They use regular, planned workout routines and a variety of equipment to achieve the body they are aiming for, and they do it with advice from personal trainers and regular trips to the gym. It’s as much about dedication as it is about looking good.

One of the devices that is becoming more popular and widely used is the waist trainer. This consists of a form of carefully constructed corset that the user wears when working out, and at other times. It helps to keep the waist trim and in shape, and is easy to use and not expensive. There are, however, certain things to know if you are going to use a waist trainer, so here is our selection of 5 top tips that will help you get into shape using your waist trainer – let’s go!

1. Building the Core

This first tip we offer is one that is absolutely essential, and that is that you must work on building your core before you start to commit to using a waist trainer. The reason for this is simple: if you don’t indulge in any core training when you start using your waist trainer, what will happen is your body will place great reliance on the training device. This can lead to problems with posture, which you do not want in any circumstances. Talk to your trainer about this aspect and work with them to get your core training in.

2. The Right Size

A waist trainer that is too loose will have no effect, and one that is too tight will over-tax your waistline and cause you problems. This is why you need to make sure you buy one that is the right fit, or can be adjusted to be so. Always take your measurements for fitting first thing when you get up – this way, there is no bloating from eating or drinking!

3. Start Slowly

You need to wear your waist trainer like you would a corset, on a regular basis, but it is advised that you begin by doing so for short periods of time consistently. Start with an hour a day and work up to it; work with your personal trainer to get the balance right. Try wearing it when you do your chores around the house, for example, or when you take a trip to the shops. With your mind occupied, you will soon get used to wearing what can be an uncomfortable addition when you are not used to it.

4. Once You’re Ready

Start wearing your waist trainer for longer periods, perhaps for several hours at a time. This is how your favourite celebrities and stars achieve the amazing figures you see them with; it’s all by hard work, rather than by chance. As for the period of time you use it for, there are many views on this: the prevailing one is that you should wear your waist trainer only for as much as six weeks at a time so as to get the best in terms of use, and not to overdo things. Take advice on what is the best waist trainer for your needs and you will get it right.

5. Don’t Over-eat

You want to make sure that you are not taxing yourself and your body too much when you are wearing and using a waist trainer, so one thing you really need to do is ensure you stick to a sensible diet. Try and stay away from large meals when you are wearing your weight trainer as these will make a difference to your waist size, and it may pay to work with your personal trainer or a nutritionist in order to get the right advice on what to eat, how much and when.


The weight trainer is becoming more popular as it provides an excellent and workable method of getting your waist to the shape and size you want it to be. Once you get used to wearing and using it, you will find it is an effective method and one takes very little in terms of extra effort. Check out weight trainers now, get measured for one, and you can start building up to the continuous use you need to make it work.


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Using a Waist Trainer

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