Volunteer the Whole Year Round

There are a few sound reasons why we all should volunteer the whole year round. While it’s great to volunteer once in a while, why not help others at least once a month or even week? You might be busy with your work or you study a lot, or perhaps you need some reasons to start volunteering, I’m here to give you some of the most important reasons to volunteer the whole year round.

1. Mentoring younger kids

Mentoring younger kids is probably my favorite way to volunteer. I like to encourage other people to follow suit, however, I always let them know that mentees need consistency. You should always be there for them. Your mentoring is greatly appreciated and you can’t just decide when to go there. After all, it will be dispiriting for kids to never know when you’ll show up.

2. There’s always need

This is another great reason why you should volunteer the whole year round. There’s always somebody going sick or hungry, or somebody in need of clothes. Moreover, there is some organization that really needs your help. You don’t have to help every single day, but make it a rule to volunteer at least a few times a month.

3. Organizations rely on volunteers

There are many non-profit organizations that rely heavily on volunteers. It is important for these organizations to retain a great amount of volunteers the whole year round. There are environmental projects, animals, and people in need of their services anytime of the year.

4. It keeps you real and humble

Nowadays it is popular to be a volunteer. Some people do it in order to become famous, while others sincerely enjoy helping people in need. Volunteering is known to have a certain way of making everyone accountable for the way they act. Volunteering keeps you real and humble. I believe every person needs that.

5. Natural disasters occur year round

You know, natural disasters occur the whole year round and there are lots of families which get displaced when the disasters do happen. If you live in an area which is prone to floods, hurricanes, tornados, etc. make sure you look into when exactly these natural disasters tend to happen. Then, take every necessary step to help the food bank and local shelter stock up on food and other necessities in advance.

6. Inspire others to volunteer

If you enjoy helping people in need, why not inspire others to do the same? When you see someone donating some money in the grocery line to those $1 or $3 funds, perhaps you get inspired too. Inspire your family members, friends or coworkers to volunteer too. Explain them all of the wonderful advantages of volunteering.

7. It’s a great feeling

When you only volunteer during the holiday season, it can put you at a huge disadvantage for the rest of the year. Try to help out your favorite charity monthly and you will see that you will become much happier person. Volunteering gives us an amazing feeling. Even if you can only volunteer one day, it still counts. Your assistance will be highly appreciated, I promise.

In 2014, I hope you will volunteer the whole year round and help many people. You can give more than you think, remember it. Are you going to volunteer this year?



Volunteer the Whole Year Round