Ways to Boost Your Mood at Work

Sometimes it happens, you wake up in the morning and you don’t want to go to work at all. Probably you don’t like your current job position or maybe something is bothering you in your personal life. It doesn’tmatter what the reason is, there are a few things, which you can do at work to cheer yourself up. Here’s a list of 7 ways to boost your mood at work.

1. Wear your favorite outfit

Start to boost your mood right in the morning! When you’re getting ready for the work, try to wear an outfit that makes you feel beautiful. Maybe you have a new outfit that you’ve been saving for some special occasions, I think it’s time to wear it. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, we always feel better when we look beautiful!

2. Clear your desk

A pile of papers, scattered coffee mugs, trash, all these can make you lose focus, feel depressed and disrupt productivity. Before you start working, take a few minutes and throw away all unwanted papers and organize your desk. It’ll not only look good to your boss but it will help you to be more organized. It will also decrease the number of distractions that take your mind away from your job responsibilities. It will be great to decorate your desk with photos of your family or some holiday decorations if the season calls for it. It’s one of the best ways to boost your mood at work!

3. Get a fish or a desk plant

It is scientifically proved that people, who do a computer task in a room with plants, have a higher productivity and their blood pressure is lower than people, who perform the task in a room without plants. Plants help to humanize and relax us. That’s why if you don’t have any plants at work buy some plant for your desk! Plants can help sooth us when we’re feeling stressed. If you have opportunities, buy a desk fish, especially a beta fish that don’t need much food and space. It seems you have a little friend to help get your through the day.

4. Plan special lunch

Planning a special lunch for yourself will help you get through the first half of your day much easier. Order some special and favorite food, even if it’s a little bit fattening or expensive. Treat yourself! A delicious lunch that you don’t normally allow yourself to is a perfect way to boost your mood at work. Besides, if you have a boyfriend or friend working or living in the area too, ask them to have lunch with you.

5. Don’t eat your lunch at your desk

It’s very important to eat your lunch in relaxing place! If you have a lunch break, you should definitely use that break to relax. If it’s a sunny warm day outside, go out there and eat your lunch. For the remainder of your lunch break you should do something you like, for example, listen to music or even draw. If it’s a bad weather outside, find a vacant conference room and have your lunch and relax. A break is a time to relax and get you ready for the second half of work, that’s why try to use your time wisely!

6. Bring in extra sweets

If you like to bake or you have many sweets at home, why not to bring in some extra sweets to put out on your desk? It will not only give you the opportunity to eat something but will boost your mood and make you smile. If you have a friendly relationship with your co-workers, bring some sweets for them too. It’s a great way to start up a conversation that can quickly boost your mind. Talking out a problem with someone is a good way to get a new perspective and feel much better about the situation.

7. Take a walk around the office

When I feel uninspired or tired, I get up and take a stroll around the office. My office is very big so I have enough space for walking. Plus when I walk around, I often come across co-workers, who have some sweets or leftover food, for example, from a birthday party. So if your office is huge and you have a bad mood, stand up andgo for a small walk! Plus, it’s a great way to burn some calories.

When something goes wrong, don’t despair! Remember that a lot of people don’t have a job, and you have it. Working 5 days a week can be really difficult and you might feel like you’re living at your work, just be positive and make yourself happy throughout the day. What other ways to boost your mood at work do you know? Share them with us please.


Ways to Boost Your Mood at Work