Ways to Eat More Vegetables

All we know that vegetables provide fibre and vitamins, and help to fill us up. However, many of us don´t consume enough veggies, because they are seen as hard to prepare. But it’s not true! Here are 9 easy ways to eat more vegetables.

1. Smoothies


I’m sure you´ve already tried a tasty fruit smoothie, and now it’s time to try a veggie version. It can be pure vegetables, or mixed with fruit, for example, orange and carrot is a great combination. Veggies smoothies are so great for you and give you a ton of vitamins and good stuff.


2. Sauces


To get vegetables into fussy children sneaky parents often hide vegetables in different sauces. If you want to learn how to eat more vegetables, do the same. Chop or mince veggies and throw them into a sauce – you can add a lot that way.


3. Salads


Another way to eat more vegetables is salads. Veggies salads are a great accompaniment or a perfect summer lunch. There are lots of veggies that you can add to salads. It can be sliced peppers, avocados, or mushrooms or even fried mushrooms, which are also great in salads.


4. Omelettes


Omelette is an easy and quick to prepare meal, and is another way to eat more vegetables. You need just a few minutes to chop up some vegetables and to add them to the eggs. Try to add mushrooms, peppers or onions. Serve with a salad, and you´ll consume a great amount of vegetables.


5. Dip


This is an easiest way of increasing your vegetable intake, because it offers a double dose of vegetables. You can make a dip from vegetables, or use raw vegetables to dunk in the dip. Dip is great for a starter and for summer.


6. Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

Besides accompanying meat loaf, veggies may be included in the meat loaf itself. You can make a vegetable version with beans, and add vegetables like chopped peppers and sliced mushrooms. This adds extra flavor and texture. You can also serve a vegetable side dish; it’ll increase your vegetable intake.


7. Casseroles and Stews

Casseroles and Stews

Sure, this may be more of a winter dish, but casseroles and stews is another simple way to eat more vegetables. There are so many combinations; be more creative!


8. Juices


Of all ways to eat more veggies, juicing is the easiest one. Buy a juicer, and you can make a nutritious, refreshing, pure vegetable juice just in a few seconds right in the comfort of your own kitchen. If don’t like vegetable juice, you should just try. You never know what combinations you´ll enjoy until you try them all!


9. Soup


In cold weather there´s nothing better than a warm homemade soup. Besides it´s really easy to make, and you can choose any combination of vegetables. In summer, you may try a chilled soup, like the classic gazpacho; it´s very refreshing on a hot summer day.

Eating more vegetables is so good for you, and can be really tasty too. We need the vitamins and the fibre in our diet, so you need to increase your vegetable intake! Do you know any other good ways of eating more vegetables?


Ways to Eat More Vegetables