Ways to Get Dad Involved in Your Pregnancy

Ways to Get Dad Involved in Your Pregnancy : Keeping father involved during pregnancy is a significant part of prenatal bonding! There are men who truly love to be involved in the whole process while others prefer to be there after the baby is born. In fact, keeping father involved in the pregnancy is an intensely emotional and wonderful experience. If your husband doesn’t want to be involved in your pregnancy, check out some tips for getting dad involved in your pregnancy!

Ways to Get Dad Involved in Your Pregnancy

1. Place dad’s hands on your tummy

Baby can recognize when familiar people is touching her or him! It’s so amazing to be able to relax or stimulate baby via touch! This is one of the best ways to get dad involved in your pregnancy. When your baby starts kicking or moving around inside, place your husband’s hands on your tummy and let him to feel it. Dad and baby will love the interaction!

2. Talk to his baby

Talking to his unborn baby is another best way for getting father involved in your pregnancy. It may be a little awkward or strange at first, but as your belly starts to grow and your baby develops, you’ll soon realize how baby responds to voices of those who most involved in pregnancy. Encourage your husband to talk to his baby early on in your pregnancy for great prenatal bonding!

3. Be there for mother of his child

The sweetest thing a man can do during the pregnancy is to be there for the mom of his baby. Help her out, care for her, and support her. Such things as cleaning the house, cooking for her, giving her foot or back rubs, soothing her fears, or letting her vent emotions without judging can mean a lot to mom. It’s beneficial not only to you, but to your baby too.

4. Take childbirth preparation classes together

If your local parent support center or doctor’s office offers childbirth preparation classes, encourage your hubby to attend them together! These classes will be useful for both of you. Your hubby will love feeling like he’s involved, and it’ll benefit you, that he has the same information you do.

5. Go to doctor’s appointment together

It may not be possible for your husband to attend every doctor’s appointment, but if your spouse has a time ask him to go with you. He will definitely want to hear his baby’s heartbeat, or see your ultrasound. If he can attend all your doctor’s appointments, he will be there for moral support and his own benefit to get the opportunity to know that you are healthy and his baby is growing, as well as to ask any questions he may have to the doctor.

6. Pick out child’s name together

Picking out a baby’s name is not an easy task, so encourage your husband to put his thoughts out there. There are so many parents who disagree on names, that’s why it’s important to take each other’s feelings into consideration before making a decision.

7. Do something for your baby’s future

Open a savings account for your child or write a journal to your child with memories, thoughts and wishes for his/her future life. Preserve a family heirloom for your baby to have once she or he is older. In short, do something for your baby’s future.

8. Purchase baby things together

Although most men don’t like shopping, they will definitely enjoy baby shopping! So leave such things as baby clothes and nursery décor for a time when you’re shopping with your mother, friends or alone, and take the times that your hubby goes with you to buy such items as baby equipment or baby furniture.

9. Have a baby shower

Many people don’t like this idea, but a baby shower is becoming the big thing. You can make it a party and invite a few couples. You can serve some finger foods and look for some games that involve both partners. If you don’t want to host your own baby shower, you can attend someone else’s baby shower.

It’s easy for mom to bond to her baby before birth, but dad may need to put out the effort. Do you know some other tips for getting dad involved in the pregnancy? Share your thoughts, please!


Ways to Get Dad Involved in Your Pregnancy