Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine

The green movement is everywhere and your beauty regimen should be no exception. You can help sustain the planet and also include some natural products designed to enhance your beauty in safe, non-toxic ways. Give these tips a try and see how beautiful a green beauty routine can be while you help safeguard the planet.

1. Less Frequent Showering

Less Frequent Showering

Some people actually take a couple showers each day. This results in a lot of consumed water. While an after-work-out shower is a necessity, try to cut back on your water consumption. Do you need to shower every day, even on days when you’re hanging out at home? If you do need that shower to get you going and to feel fresh, cut your shower time in half. Moreover, you don’t want to wash your hair every day and shouldn’t. Over-washing strips your hair of its protective oils. So cut back on the hair-washing and shower time for a green bathing routine.


2. Refill Those Bottles

Refill Those Bottles

Depending on how many sinks you have in your home, you might have just as many soap bottles. That is an awful lot of plastic and think of how often you replace them! Whenever you can, purchase refill bottles so you aren’t buying so many dispensers. You can purchase your own permanent dispensers and then simply refill them from the refill bottle. This is a much greener way to keep your hands clean!


3. Back to Basics: Bar Soap

Back to Basics Bar Soap

If you really want to go green in a big way, don’t buy body wash in a plastic container or any hand soaps dispensed from plastic. Instead, use bar soap. Many people grew up only knowing the bar and it’s just as green as it ever was. Bar soap is also cheaper so give it a try and add up you cost-savings for the year! Not only will you be reducing your plastic use, you’ll be benefiting the planet with some tried and true best practices.


4. Spend Less on the Dress

Spend Less on the Dress

If you’re going dress shopping, you might consider visiting some great second-hand shops or even a dress-rental boutique. If you plan to wear the gown or dress once, this is definitely a greener way to go when it comes to fashion. You might also consider borrowing a dress from a friend for a special occasion. Not only will you save money, you’ll be supporting the ‘reuse it’ movement and contributing to the sustainability of the planet.


5. Purchase Fair Trade Products

Purchase Fair Trade Products

Whenever possible, try to purchase fair trade products that support fair business practices around the world. While it’s always great to get a good deal, it’s not nice to think about the exploitation of others–even if they are halfway around the world. The Fair Trade labels means that the business is not in the business of exploiting their cheap labor force. You can contribute to this green practice by supporting sustainable businesses that are responsible to the humans in their employ.


6. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

There are many products on the market that promise to help you distress or relax. Lotions and creams promise to ease the ache of sore muscles and deliver some pampering rejuvenation. Yet an old fashioned bath with Epsom salt can achieve these results naturally and less expensively too. All you need is about a half cup of salt and a hot bath to get all the benefits you need.


7. Ban the Petroleum-Based Candles

Ban the Petroleum Based Candles

Aromatherapy is part of a lot of beauty regimens. Perhaps a bath and an aromatherapy session is how you begin your day or unwind from one. Be sure to avoid unhealthy petroleum (traditional wax) candles and opt for natural soy candles or beeswax. Don’t release harmful toxins into the air you breathe or your family breathes. Choose natural aromatherapy products that are eco-friendly and designed to release powerful scents without damaging the planet.


8. Use Natural Ingredients

Use Natural Ingredients

Since brushing with mashed-up strawberries can whiten your teeth and coconut oil can moisturize your body, why purchase products that cost triple or more and contain questionable chemicals? Find out how Mother Nature’s natural ingredients can impact your beauty routine for the better. You’ll not lead a greener lifestyle, you’ll enjoy safe and toxin-free practices that work.


9. Make Your Own Products

Make Your Own Products

Once you begin to learn which natural ingredients are ideal for your beauty regimen, you can begin to experiment with mixes. Mix your own almond paste with some olive oil, for instance, to create a powerful exfoliation scrub. You can even make your own shampoos, conditioning treatments, scents, soaps, and more. These new creations can be fun and you’ll know exactly what’s in them – only the best Mother Nature has to offer!


10. Shop Eco-Friendly

Shop Eco Friendly

If you don’t have time or the inclination to make your own beauty products, you can still purchase only eco-friendly products made with natural or organic ingredients. This way you still support a healthy planet and a healthier you, too! There are increasingly more all-natural brands to choose from. Do a search for specific natural brands and beauty items that you use.

Follow the aforementioned tips and you will definitely green your beauty routine. Use natural makeup and personal care products to avoid toxic products and you will be astonished at the results.



Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine