Ways to Remember Your Wedding

Looking for some ways to remember your special day? I’ve got a list of some ideas that will help you to remember your wedding for a really long time. Depending on your personal preference you can try one or even all of them. Check out a few great ways to remember your wedding!

1. Frame your wedding dress

Seriously, ladies, why not frame your wedding dress? You wear it only once, so don’t hang it in your closet and don’t let it collect dust, instead lay your dress in a shadow box and then hang it on a wall! This is one of the best ways to remember your wedding!

2. Candid photos

Candid photos are traditional way to remember your special day. Give your guests a list of some moments which you want to have captured that your photographer could miss. They’ll hunt around for that moments and snap pictures. In this way you will not capture many photos, but also get some interesting ones!

3. Compose your story

Compose the story of how you and your future husband met, print tiny books and put them on each seat of your guests. Don’t forget to keep one book for yourself as a memory. It’ll be interesting story to read for your guests before your ceremony starts and an amazing reminder of you and your husband’s past!

4. Memory shadow box

Compile wedding flowers, invitations, announcements and itinerary in a shadow box and hang it on your dining room or living room wall for a beautiful and elegant memory!

5. Tip jar

Place a jar in the center of every table. Then ask your guests to write ‘tips’ on scraps of paper. Put them in a jar and after the reception, read all of them. You will find some helpful tips and suggestions for a long lasting and strong marriage! Then leave the jar on a table in your house to remind you and you husband of your special day.

6. Wedding card book

Don’t throw out your wedding cards, collect them all and make a book out of them! It’s like an album or scrapbook. You may flip through your wedding card book whenever you or your family want! Keep it alongside your wedding photo album.

7. Guest book

Guest book is one of the best ways to remember your wedding! Turn some or even all of your engagement photos into a book and ask guests to sign it! It will be a wonderful keepsake for you and your husband and a fun activity for your guests!

8. Love letters book

While you and your partner are getting ready separately exchange your love letters. Have the ring bearer and flower girl bring them to and fro. And when the wedding is over, make a scrapbook out of them. Or punch holes and make your love letters book!

What do you think of these ideas? I absolutely love these ideas and plan to incorporate them into my future wedding! Do you know any other ways to remember a wedding? Share your thoughts, please!


Ways to Remember Your Wedding