Ways to Throw a Kid-Friendly Birthday Party

If you have a child and you want to throw a birthday party, keep reading. Planning a kid birthday party is not difficult if you keep things age appropriate and simple. Kids like to play and have fun. So here are 7 ways on how to arrange a kid-friendly birthday party. Hope, they will help you.

1. Plan a time

Planning a time of day is one of the most important things to consider when arranging a kid-friendly birthday party. If most children are younger and they have to take naps, a mid-morning party would be perfect. Nothing is worse than a bunch of crying, cranky kids. For older kids a mid-afternoon or even early evening party would be great, but don’t plan a late night party, it’s not good for kids.

2. Think about theme

Children like themed parties. So find out what child’s current faves are and start planning. Little girls may want princess, a rock-star, or ponies theme. Little boys may be more interested in an army, monster truck, or pirate themed party.

3. Plan a menu

Food is probably the most important thing to consider when planning a kid birthday party. Children like pizza, hot dogs and finger sandwiches. Don’t forget about fresh fruit and veggies, and a big birthday cake. Avoid spicy foods, remember it’s a kid’s party!

4. Don’t forget about music

Who doesn’t like music at parties? I think no one. Even if you like heavy metal it doesn’t mean that children will love it too. Think about a kid friendly music. Find kids-oriented station through cable TV or try Disney Radio. There are also many good streaming music sites for kids.

5. Plan some games

A kid’s birthday party is not much of a party without games and prizes. There are plenty of great and fun kid-friendly birthday party games. Try bucket toss, freeze dance, or musical chairs. All kids will certainly like them!

6. Schedule

For a kid-friendly birthday party it’s necessary to keep things easy going, but still get everything done. Don’t try to pack the birthday party with a very tight schedule. Start with some easy games with a bit of play time, then follow up with a meal or quick snack, birthday cake, ice cream, and presents. You have to plan everything thoroughly.

7. Make goodie bags

Children likes presents, even if the small ones! I always make some simple goodie bags with candies, bubble gum, a pen or a pencil, and some small toy. Go to local dollar store, you’ll find lots of cheap ideas.

Do you have any other tips for a kid-friendly birthday party? Do you know any fun games? I need some more ideas! Share your thoughts, please!


Ways to Throw a Kid-Friendly Birthday Party