What Are the Benefits of Having A Fertility Expert Check on You?

What Are the Benefits of Having A Fertility Expert Check on You?
What Are the Benefits of Having A Fertility Expert Check on You?

What Are the Benefits of Having A Fertility Expert Check on You? Pregnancy brings joy, but it also presents a moment for you to take precautions to have a smooth journey to motherhood. While many women give birth without an issue, a minority develop complications that lead to miscarriages.

Nevertheless, did you know there are techniques that can help you avoid miscarriages and other unhealthy paths for your unborn baby? That is right; you will need a genetic screening in Newport Beach expert to be with you every step of the way with a series of screening and tests to make sure you have a healthy baby.

Why have genetic screening

A genetic screening expert ensures you undergo the following before you give birth:

  • Embryo testing
  • Non-invasive carrier testing
  • Genetic carrier testing

These three tests help rule out some issues that lead to premature births or a miscarriage. Genetic screening is also viable for people undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

How is it possible to have embryo testing during IVF?

During an IVF, your doctor gathers some cells from the embryo for genetic analysis. The procedure takes place a week after fertilization when most genetic information has formed in the embryo. Your doctor will take the eggs to a separate lab and confirm the desired features of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Fertilized eggs must grow a specific number of chromosomes, as any low number means a disease or an issue with your pregnancy. Your doctor will advise accordingly if a lower number of chromosomes or any other issue with the embryo. Once your doctor confirms your embryos are okay, you will receive them into your uterus or if you have a surrogate, your doctor will implant them in her reproductive system.

To avoid poor quality and number of chromosomes in later part of life some people consider egg freezing. It helps women preserve their fertility so that they can still start a family later in life without worrying about their biological clock. Egg freezing is a procedure that consists of freezing your mature eggs (oocytes) prior to any fertilisation. Your stored eggs can later be thawed and fertilised with your partners or donor sperm during an IVF treatment at a time that is right for you in the future.

What happens during genetic screening for normal pregnant women?

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is a procedure done in pregnant women to confirm the health of their pregnancy. Your doctor will watch over your pregnancy using the procedure to detect any shortfall or abnormality in the number of chromosomes.

What problems can you have if you ignore genetic screening

Genetic screening majorly dwells on the number of chromosomes. Normally, healthy embryos must have 23 pairs of chromosomes; any shortfall means that you might miss the implantation process. Other issues caused by an abnormality in the number of chromosomes include:

  • Down syndrome
  • Miscarriages

Older women also have increased chances of chromosomal shortfalls.

Who are the right people to have genetic screening?

  • Older women above the age of 35
  • Women who have miscarried in the past
  • People who want to select a specific gender
  • People who have had fertility treatments in the past

Devastations in pregnancy are particularly common in women 35 years and above. In addition to that, some women above 35 have unexplained infertility, which genetic screening can help pick and solve.

Genetic screening can help pregnant women stay at ease. The process is beneficial for people with a history of miscarriage and women above the age of 35. If you fall among the people at risk of a miscarriage or other pregnancy complications, reach OC Fertility via a phone call or make your appointment online.






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What Are the Benefits of Having A Fertility Expert Check on You?

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