Things To Consider Before Choosing IVF

Things To Consider Before Choosing IVF : If you ultimately decide to have IUI or IVF, the first step is to find a IVF centre in Mumbai that prioritizes your individual needs. Before you decide to treat, many important decisions must be made by your healthcare provider.
If you are considering IVF treatment to have a baby, choosing the right IVF clinic is crucial for you and your family. IVF clinics are places where couples who have difficulty conceiving can seek infertility treatment by clinical experts to improve their chances of getting pregnant.

You are just starting your journey through in vitro fertilization (IVF), or maybe you already are, but you could actually describe fertility treatment as several different ways of infertility. In particular, it is a technology of assisted reproduction and appears when one thinks of the current fertility treatments as a single procedure or a combination of different methods such as insemination (in vitro) or sperm donation.

Although it may sound similar to IVF, intrauterine fertilization (IUI) is much less invasive and can lead to infertility as it treats male and female factors as it treats infertility as a male factor. Women who do not become pregnant after the first cycle of IVF still have a better chance of becoming pregnant than women who become pregnant after a second cycle of IVF or a third or even fourth cycle.

To ensure that you continue with in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to achieve a pregnancy, here is a list of factors that will prepare you for a conversation with your fertility specialist or IV Fertility Consult.


One of the first questions prospective parents might ask when considering fertility treatment is, “How much does IVF cost?” Costs are an important consideration, but not necessarily the decisive factor in the selection of an IVF clinic. Costs vary depending on many factors such as the number of cycles required, donor required, freezing of embryos, medications etc. Therefore, making sure you are financially prepared to bear the costs is important. Package rates for IVF usually run about INR 1,25,000 to INR 3,00,000.

Reputed IVF Centers

Check whether the IVF hospital offers an affordable price and whether it meets all the other checklists before you choose it. It is always important to choose the right specialist. Select an experienced specialist with extensive experience. It’s necessary to do a thorough profile check of the doctor you are choosing. Saraogi Hospital in Mumbai is a reputed hospital for IVF treatment & all other related gynecology services. They have an experienced team of specialists accounting to about 30 yrs. Of accumulated team experience. Visit for IVF treatment in Mumbai and review their patient testimonials to assess your own chances of IVF success.

Consider Fertility Test

Whether you want to get pregnant now or wait a little longer, it’s a good idea to know where your fertility stands. Luckily, proactive fertility testing can be done by consulting a fertility specialist.

These tests can typically measure your levels of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), which is a good indication of your ovarian reserves (i.e. how many eggs you have).


In women, the decline in fertility begins around the age of 35 and accelerates through the 30s and 40s. So by the early 40s, it is much more difficult to conceive and there is a much-reduced chance of treatment succeeding after the age of 45. This is due to the decline in both the number and quality of eggs in the ovaries over time. So the success rate of IVF is higher when younger.

Emotional Support

As we touched on in our discussion about getting enough sleep, you’ll need to be both physically and mentally healthy to get through the IVF process. As IVF procedure takes about 3-4 weeks at times it can be stressful. If in case you don’t succeed in your very first IVF cycle, then it can even take a toll on your emotional health. Thus, you need to stay mentally prepared before you start with the treatment and rather begin on a positive note.






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Things To Consider Before Choosing IVF

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