What Are the Early Signs of Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer can show significant early signs that shouldn’t be ignored. Blood during coughing, chronic migraines, and upper respiratory infections could be strong indicators of the presence of lung cancer in the body. Patients suffering from chronic chest pains and breathing problems should visit their primary doctor immediately.

It’s important to get early screening done to receive the care that you need. Research suggests that 1 in 16 US residents get lung cancer over the course of their lifetime, with the number significantly declining with early testing. Low-dose CT screening can decrease the chances of lung cancer mortality by 14-20 percent, protecting tens of thousands of individuals with the disease.

Analyzing your symptoms

There are major symptoms that you need to look out for, in order to get early detection done. Early detection and screening can drastically increase your chances of survival, as the cancer can be addressed earlier on.

Lung Cancer are you at risk
Lung Cancer are you at risk – Symptoms according to Lung Cancer Foundation of America
  • Persistent coughing

    While persistent coughing isn’t an indicator of lung cancer on its own, it can be a symptom of poor lung health. Whooping cough is also a key indicator of lung damage, which gets significantly worse if left untreated.

  • Shortness of breath

    If you’ve noticed a sudden shortness of breath along with problems with breathing for a significant period, then it may be time to get tested. A chest X-ray can shine more light on the problem, especially if you’ve been having a problem for a long time.

  • Presence of blood

    The presence of blood while coughing could be a sign of lung cancer or an upper respiratory infection that is getting worse. If you notice discharge or discoloration in phlegm, you should visit your doctor immediately. The presence of blood could also be a sign of NSCLC tumors that may have developed over time.

  • Loss of energy

    An often-missed symptom that many patients suffer from is the direct loss of appetite and energy. If there is a decrease in the vitality and movement of the person, and they have a chronic smoking habit, it could be a strong signal.

  • Fainting spells

    If you’ve been blacking out due to shortness of breath or dizziness, you may have issues with your respiratory system. If the fainting spells have risen in number, or if you’ve been experiencing memory loss, then it may be time to get tested.

  • Fluid retention

    Fluid retention can also occur when people are suffering from lung cancer. There could be retention in the fingers, the neck or other areas of the body. This could lead to further infections rising, along with patients having trouble swallowing.

  • Lumps in neck or collarbone

    An advanced symptom of lung cancer is the presence of lumps and swelling in the neck and collarbone area. These may be accompanied by headaches, swelling in other areas, and dizziness that doesn’t have any single underlying cause.

  • Jaundice

    Patients suffering from jaundice and other related diseases should get themselves screened for lung cancer. Asking your primary care provider for a lung cancer MRI is oftentimes the most ideal way to get more information about the health of your lungs.

Opting for the right treatment protocol

Your doctor will prescribe the right treatment protocol to be administered for your case. Not every case of lung cancer is the same, and your doctor will be able to provide you with more insight after an integrated diagnostics to include an XL2 blood-based test designed to improve lung cancer diagnosis and by thorough evaluation that typically occurs during a physical exam. Close to 30 to 40 percent of patients will have some signs of metastasis during the development of their lung cancer.

There are comprehensive and groundbreaking clinical trials being conducted that demonstrate a higher chance of recovery and an expedited return to everyday life. You should always maintain an open conversation with your treatment specialists and talk about all the options you have for recovery.





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