What are the odds in online slots?

What are the odds in online slots? Most people realize that online slot machines are chance-based games – there isn’t really a way that you can control them, it’s simply down to luck. For this reason, you should always choose games with high odds.

So, what are the odds in online slots, and what kind of odds should you be looking out for? That’s a great question, and we’ll be discussing it. Let’s investigate:

  • Odds of slots
  • RTP
  • Low vs High Volatility

RTP – Calculating the Odds

To work out the odds of any online slot machines game, there is one thing that you will have to consider – the RTP. RTP is an acronym for Return to Player, and it ultimately described the amount of cash players are likely to receive all their money back after a session. The number represents an average across 100 spins, so if you played 100 spins and spent £100 across a slot machine that had a 97% RTP, you would be looking at receiving around £97 back.

However, don’t get us wrong – this certainly doesn’t mean that you will always lose. This represents an average, so there are still odds that you will double your money or much more! Therefore, it is important to place small bets and have a long slots session. If you have £100 and you choose to spend it through £10 bets, your slot session will only last 10 spins. This doesn’t play very well into the average, and you could potentially lose all 10 of those. However, those who make small bets over 100 spins will essentially have a 97% of winning on average if the slot machine has a 97% RTP.

Low vs High Volatility

Whilst RTP is very useful when it comes to calculating odds, it doesn’t stop there – it’s also important to consider whether a slot machine is highly volatile or not. As an example, classic slots are not very volatile, meaning they have a pretty limited range of outcomes. There will usually be around 20 paylines, with some of them being low and some of them being high. However, progressive slots are significantly riskier – sure, they have truly enormous jackpots, but they are extremely volatile and the odds of hitting it big are significantly lower. Just look at this information:

  • A progressive slot might have 20 rows and 20 reels
  • This results in the slot having millions of paylines
  • Many of these paylines will be small wins, with only one or two representing the enormous jackpot.

This means that whilst it is likely that if you hit a jackpot, it is likely to be a low one. However, that massive jackpot is quite literally a one in a million spin!


Overall, the odds of online slots all come down to RTP and volatility. The odds of winning some money are high, particularly in classic slots. However, if you want to win that £10,000,000 progressive jackpot, your odds are literally one in a million. Whilst this sounds difficult to achieve, don’t forget that people still win these jackpots all the time – it’s like entering the lottery.





What are the odds in online slots?

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