What Are The Risks Related To Plastic Surgery, And How To Overcome Them?

What Are The Risks Related To Plastic Surgery, And How To Overcome Them?
What Are The Risks Related To Plastic Surgery, And How To Overcome Them?

What Are The Risks Related To Plastic Surgery, And How To Overcome Them? Plastic surgery involves altering parts of the human body, its reconstruction, or restoration via surgery. Reconstructive surgery can cure burn marks. At the same time, cosmetic surgery can improve the appearance of the reconstructed parts of the body. Reconstructive surgery reconstructs parts of the body and aims to improve its functioning ability. Both the processes are now available in many parts of the world.

However, with the increasing popularity of plastic surgery, from breast surgeries to eyelid surgeries to surgeries changing the way you look, there come some risks and preventions.

Risks related to plastic surgery

Below are a few risks to keep in mind before opting for plastic surgery.

  1. Hematoma

    A hematoma is a bag of blood accumulated outside the blood vessels. The blood seeps out of the blood vessels and into the tissues surrounding it. It usually looks like a bruise and is sometimes very painful. A handful of procedures of breast augmentation have occurrences of Hematoma. Few people with facelift procedures also face the same complication. Hematoma is a more common occurrence in men than in women.

    In nearly all surgeries, Hematoma is a considerable risk. The cure for Hematoma usually is more surgeries to release the accumulated blood.

  2. Seroma

    A pocket of clear serous liquid, mostly serum or sterile body fluids accumulating just beneath the skin, is known as a seroma. The area swells and sometimes is painful. The liquid consists of blood plasma seeped out from blood vessels. It is most common after surgeries, and particularly after a tummy tuck.

    Seromas are infectious, thus are often treated with needles. Draining out the fluids removes them. However, there remains a possibility of recurrence.

  3. Loss of blood

    Blood loss is familiar with any surgery. But the unmanageable loss of blood is risky. Excessive blood failure can result in a drop in blood pressure and other possible deadly results. Loss of blood externally is not the only risk; internal bleeding is just as risky, and sometimes even more after surgery.

  4. Infections and inflammations

    The risk of infections can get reduced with post-surgery care. However, it remains one of the riskiest elements of plastic surgery.

    Cellulitis, one of the most common skin infections, can be a result of any surgery. In a few procedures, infections can occur internally and may require intravenous antibiotics.

  5. Nerve Injury

    The risk of nerve injury is very much present in most types of surgeries. Numbness and tingling can be a significant symptom of nerve injury after plastic surgeries. Damage to the nerves is mostly temporary, but in severe cases, it can be permanent.

    Nerve damage is most common after breast augmentation procedures, and you may feel a change in sensitivity issues.

  6. Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

    Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a rare condition that might occur after plastic surgery. In this condition, blood clots occur in deep veins. When the blood clots, it results in pulmonary embolism. Even though it is rare, it can be fatal.

To reduce the potential risk and side effects of plastic surgery, you can thoroughly investigate your doctor’s credentials and ability before taking the big step. You may also consult Stratus Plastic Surgery for expert advice and services. Along with the doctor’s knowledge, you must be aware of the medical facility’s reputation.






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What Are The Risks Related To Plastic Surgery, And How To Overcome Them?

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