What Does Flirting Say about You?

Flirting is often a way we show attraction to another person or show interest in them. When someone flirts with another person, it sends certain signals. Some of those signals may be entirely unintentional. You may not mean to send the kind of messages you are sending when you flirt, but you should know what the other person would be picking up from that.

Let’s talk about what flirting says about you, and that will give you some idea of what other people think when you flirt with them or they see you flirt with somebody. Remember, it’s not just the person you flirt with that picks up on what you’re doing. You’re also sending messages to other people in the surrounding area who see the flirting going on.

I’m Available

One of the first signals that flirting sends to people is that you are available for romantic relationships or some kind of relationship beyond friendship. Friends may tell jokes to each other or share personal stories and anecdotes, but flirting takes all that to another level. It signals your readiness to enter into a fling, a relationship, or just to go out on a date and have some fun.

Different people will take flirting different ways. Someone looking for a serious relationship may see you flirt as you signaling your interest in serious relationship. Someone who just wants a fling may see you flirt as you being interested in a fling. You get the idea, but what it comes down to is that many people will read into flirting what they want from a relationship.

I’m Fertile

You might not be intending to send the message that you’re ready to copulate and produce children, but that is an unattended side effect of flirting. It sends out a signal to people that you’re ready to reproduce, whether you wanting to send that signal or not. Flirting helps fire up the sex drive, and even if the person you’re flirting with doesn’t pick up on that kind of signal in an obvious way, subconsciously they will notice that.

Flirting is a technique used by both people and animals to show interest in reproduction. It’s a good way to tell your spouse that you’re ready to start a family, and even casual acquaintances may take it in that manner, even if that’s not what you’re intending.

I’m Attracted to You

Flirting doesn’t always send serious signals, nor is the person flirt always trying to send a heavy relationship signal. Sometimes, all they’re trying to say by flirting is that they have a little interest in someone or they feel attraction to them. Many people may use มุขเสี่ยว to show their interest in a verbal way. They may say a little joke or use a pick-up line as a way to say more than they’re actually saying.

Flirting produces a lot of non-verbal cues. It makes your body move in particular ways and causes your facial features to change and send out certain signals. Not everyone picks up on all of these signals, and some people may pick up on them in the wrong way, getting a message you’re not intending. But flirt is an obvious way to show attraction without saying to someone, “Hey I like you and I find you attractive.” That will likely be the message that someone picks up from your flirting, though.

I’m Easy

You want to be careful about the kind of signals you’re sending out and what other people are picking up. What some people will take from your flirting is that you’re the kind of person who jumps into relationships easily or who’s interested in feelings. Even if you’re not flirting with them, they may see your flirting as a characteristic of someone who is sexually promiscuous.

You want to be careful about how you flirt and who sees you flirting, as you could be sending cues to them that you’re not intending. As we mentioned before, someone looking for a serious relationship may take flirting as a sign that you’re ready for a serious relationship. So, someone who is easy may see flirt as a sign that you too are easy.



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