What Every Woman Should Know About Her Body

What Every Woman Should Know About Her Body : Our bodies are beautiful machines, allowing us to do many things in our lives, but do you know yours? Sure, you live inside it 24/7, but they are also complex. A woman’s body communicates many different things about her overall health.

As such, you should pay attention to what it is telling you. Here are x things you should know about the female body.

What is Your Weight?

Your hormones will make the amount you weigh fluctuate throughout the month. However, if the pounds slowly keep creeping upward, you may suddenly realize that you are not only overweight but obese. Weighing too much can lead to the polycystic ovarian syndrome, making it difficult to become pregnant, or various metabolic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, which can affect young women. Although women’s bodies come in many shapes and sizes, seeking aid from bariatric medical professionals when you can’t shed the pounds will help give you a healthy and happy life.

Good Diet and Exercise are Crucial

Taking care of yourself through a proper diet and workout regime to develop good muscle tone is essential. Work with a registered dietitian if you need help learning about healthy eating. Along with healthy nourishment, make sure you drink plenty of water, as it is necessary for many different human processes. Dehydration can cause all kinds of problems, but when you stay hydrated, you’ll simply feel better.

Your Vagina Cleans Itself

Gone are the days when doctors recommended that you douche or do some other fancy cleaning with your vagina. You never need to clean the inside of it (which is technically called the vulva, by the way) with water, soap, or feminine hygiene products. If you wish, clean the area with a bar of gentle, unscented soap if that doesn’t irritate you, but note that doing so can contribute to recurrent yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. Doctors recommend cleaning the vulva only with water.

Vaginal Discharge is Normal

Discharge is completely normal as it cleans and protects the vagina. It varies depending on your menstrual cycle and from woman to woman. You may have a lot, your friend not so much. Most of the time, discharge is clear or very light yellow. It can stain your panties as the vulva has an acidic pH level, which is also normal. Its consistency varies with the changes in your cycle. When you ovulate, it’s clear and slippery. After you release an egg, it gets cloudier and thicker to trap sperm, which is a natural bodily function.

Recognizing Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Knowing how your vaginal discharge smells is essential. It’s normal to have a mild smell or even lack a scent. If your discharge begins to smell funny, it’s a sign you should get it checked. Smelly vaginal discharge can often p9oint to a yeast infection. Also, look for the following symptoms:

  • Discharge that looks like cottage cheese
  • Genital itching
  • Swelling or redness
  • Burning sensation when peeing or having penetrative sex

Smelly discharge can also indicate other conditions. See your ob-gyn if you have questions.

Birth Control is for More Than Avoiding Pregnancy

Many women have painful periods. If you are one of those women going on birth control can alleviate the horrible side effects of bad periods. If you are among many women who associate birth control with having sex, don’t do so. Many birth control methods are also useful for helping you regulate your period, so never feel embarrassed about asking for help.

Know Your Breasts

It’s normal for one boob to be bigger than the other, as asymmetrical boobs are more common than symmetrical ones. However, if you suddenly develop a change on one boob, that makes it significantly larger or smaller than the other one, you need to have your medical professional check it out. Most women take the time to examine their breasts every month. Knowing what your breasts feel and look like is essential in breast health. If a change occurs, like thickening, dimpling, or a change in the color of your breasts, make sure you contact your doctor.




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What Every Woman Should Know About Her Body

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