What impacts UBH Denton has made in mental healthcare

What impacts UBH Denton has made in mental healthcare

UBH Denton has been presented with ‘Award for Top Performance’. The Joint Commission has recognized mental health facility UBH Denton for its outstanding performance in key quality measures.

The amount of mental health issues is steadily growing with each passing year, and it is up to facilities such as UBH Denton to make an impact on this evolving aspect. This Texas-based mental healthcare facility has made great strides in its industry with its evidence-based approach to resolving issues. The work done by UBH has been so successful that it has recently gained recognition in its field.

On November 1, 2013, the Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of American healthcare organizations, named UBH Denton as a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures. This facility received the recognition after the Joint Commission noted its exemplary performance in using clinical processes, which have been proven effective through evidence, to cure certain conditions. Some of the clinical processes are focused on care for:
– Heart attacks
– Pneumonia
– Surgery
– Stroke
– Children’s asthma
– Venous Thromboembolism
– Inpatient psychiatric services
– Immunization for pneumonia and influenza

This recognition is only granted to the most notable and exemplary healthcare facilities in the United States. In fact, only 1,099 hospitals in the entire country have received the distinction for sustaining and maintaining excellence in accountability measure performance. The Joint Commission rated UBH Denton highly for its achievement in Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital measures. The ratings are based on aggregation of accountability measure data and are compiled by the Joint Commission based on information gathered in 2012.

Since last year, the number of Top Performer organizations has increased by 77 percent. This list represents 33 percent of hospitals that are accredited through the Joint Commission that report accountability measure performance data in 2012.

There is certain criteria that must be met in order for a hospital or other healthcare facility to be named Top Performer on Key Quality Measures. UBH Denton exhibited the following attributes:

  • Achieved cumulative performance of at least 95 percent across all reportable accountability measures.
  • Achieved performance of at least 95 percent on each reportable accountability measures that had at least 30 denominator cases.
  • Had at least one core measure set that had a composite rate of at least 95 percent, and had all applicable individual accountability measures reach 95 percent as well.

In order to achieve the 95 percent minimum score, a hospital had to provide evidence-based practice 95 times out of 100 opportunities. These evidence-based practices can include a variety of procedures such as:

  • Giving aspirin to a patient that has suffered a heart attack
  • Performing CPR on a patient that is going through cardiac arrest
  • Developing a management plan for a child that is diagnosed with asthma
  • Giving antibiotics to a patient an hour before they go in for surgery

UBH Denton Strives to Continue Climb Toward Peak Quality

“UBH Denton and the other hospitals who have been named Top Performer have all made high quality their top commitment,” states an executive with the Joint Commission. “What sets these hospitals apart from others is the fact that they dedicate their time and effort toward improving their quality. It has been a great year for hospitals all over the country. Over half of the hospitals accredited through the Joint Commission have achieved, or have come close to achieving, the Top Performer recognition.”

The Joint Commission believes that UBH Denton is a shining example of the level of quality that hospitals should achieve. As more hospitals are granted the status of Top Performer, then others will start to improve their quality to match. These high-quality performances will ultimately lead to better outcomes for patients.

UBH Denton believes in top quality procedures, but it also wants to enforce safe, effective care for all of its patients. The facility has made sure that it will dedicate its time and effort toward positive patient outcomes and accreditation through its usage of evidence-based processes.

This facility will further push its way to ultimate efficiency and quality by enforcing its core mission and values. UBH Denton has a specific mission statement and vision that it follows, which has led to its recognition by the Joint Commission and other professionals in the medical field. The main points from the mission statement include:

  • Delivering professional, effective, and timely service to all patients
  • Continuously improving services and measuring the progress
  • Hiring talented, driven people who can best help patients
  • Conducting business that adheres to the highest ethical standards
  • Ensuring fairness and trust with all patients, employees, and physicians
  • Collaborating to provide customer service that never stops improving
  • Never losing sight of the importance of care and comfort for patients
  • Constantly innovating service delivery and investing in better ways to provide assistance

UBH Denton strives to keep improving its services so that it can help its patients and keep up with the constantly changing healthcare field.