What Is The Best Type Of Braces For You?

What Is The Best Type Of Braces For You? : Orthodontic treatment can be the key for those who want the ideal smile. This dental procedure has many benefits. For one, it ensures a person’s teeth are healthy. It also makes chewing and biting food easier or painless and allows a person to speak without discomfort.

One way in which orthodontists achieve these results is through braces. Since the 1800s, modern braces have become a part of dentistry. Their primary purpose then was to address teeth misalignment, also called malocclusion. Today, they’re still considered beneficial, as they’ve become the first answer to teeth misalignment issues being brought to various dentists.

Braces can address malocclusions, like overbites, underbites, and crossbites, and teeth malposition, such as crowded teeth. Because braces can solve many teeth problems, they have many designed types to address each issue.

How will you go about choosing the best type of braces? Of course, it will be beneficial to know the various options that exist at the moment. When you’re more acquainted with multiple designs, this can make choosing the best braces easier.

Here is some information on the different types of braces that you can consider, along with an explanation for each.

  1. Ceramic Braces

    Ceramic braces, usually called clear braces, use tooth-colored brackets. They’re more discreet and less noticeable. They have become well-known for those who don’t want to try clear aligners or lingual braces yet still desire to straighten their teeth less visibly. This type can be ideal for people who want to look presentable wearing braces while attending important events.

    If this option has its advantages, know that it also has disadvantages. Some of these are the following:

      • Ceramic braces are more costly compared to metal braces.
      • At times, people who wear ceramic braces notice that their elastics get stained, which can lead to teeth marks.
      • These braces need special attention to preserve one’s looks and personal hygiene.

    If you want more affordable braces for you or your kids, then you can search for various orthodontic options online.

  2. Lingual Braces

    Lingual braces, also known as inside braces, are brackets that orthodontists can customize. They’re placed at the teeth’s back, making them unnoticeable. Because of this, this type can be suitable for those who prefer a more discreet brace option.The most specialized and less typical type in the dental industry is Lingual braces. Because it’s a specialized brace, an orthodontist must apply a set of skills that only a few will spend time learning. Additionally, this type of brace also requires regular appointments that may take more time than those for traditional braces.

    traditional braces
    traditional braces

    Although this choice offers less noticeable braces, there’s a catch. Lingual braces have the following disadvantages:

      • They’re difficult to clean.
      • They can be costly.
      • They cause considerable discomfort at the start.
      • They’re not the right option for complicated dental problems.

    Regarding the cost, you can somewhat spend more money because orthodontists can customize them. The price range is USD$5,000–USD$13,000.

  3. Metal Braces

    Metal braces or traditional braces are developed through high-quality stainless steel. The brackets placed to the teeth are attached by an arch-wire, allowing a balanced pressure. Before, metal braces were really obvious and heavy. Now, they are lighter in weight and structure.

    These braces are the most used type globally and have existed for about 100 years. As they are the most commonly offered in the industry, there’s a significant chance that you’ll consider this type as your first choice.

    There are many advantages to using metal braces. They’re more ideal for addressing extreme overcrowding than other braces, such as clear ones. These braces are also less costly. Lastly, you can choose multicolor wires or wires similar to your enamel if you opt for this type.

    All the same, these braces have disadvantages. For instance, decalcification can happen if you wear this type and don’t floss or brush correctly. Another disadvantage is that there may be some foods that you can’t eat because of these braces. For this reason, assessing their upsides and downsides before choosing will help.

The Best Type Of Braces For You

Now that we have discussed some examples of braces you can choose, it’s time to decide which is right for you. If you want unnoticeable braces, you can consider ceramic and lingual braces. If you want specialized and customizable braces, on the other hand, you can choose lingual braces. Metal braces can be ideal if you wish to use a common brace type that’s less expensive. That said, you can also visit and consult an orthodontist to know the best type of braces for your dental needs.



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What Is The Best Type Of Braces For You?

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