What Is Your Child Watching On Internet? Five Ways To Keep A Control

What Is Your Child Watching On Internet? Five Ways To Keep A Control
What Is Your Child Watching On Internet? Five Ways To Keep A Control

What Is Your Child Watching On Internet? : The kids are more familiar with the internet than they are with anything else. Well, in this era of technology, this is a kind of necessity. And, without a doubt, it is beneficial only if used within limits.

Along with being the need of today, the use of the internet is causing a lot of problems. From overuse to misuse, a parent has to control everything as their kids start using it. This article is about how FamilyTime, an android and iPhone parental control app can help you keep efficient controls over your kids’ internet activities.

  1. Use Familytime’s Internet Control Features

    Internet as we all know is a sea of every type of content and information. But not every age is appropriate for all of it. The kids today get access to the internet in their childhood and when they are curious, they can reach anything through the internet. Well, you cannot dictate them every time they start browsing. And guess what? You don’t have to. FamilyTime’s internet control features make the task super-efficient for you.

    It has categories like pornography, gambling and addiction, and other adult topics. By just toggling the switch, you block these categories from appearing on a child’s device. These websites and are not all about this content. It is where the predators target children to be manipulated and use them for their purpose.

  2. Enable Safesearch Feature And Add The Websites To Be Blocked Into It

    You can not only block the categories mentioned on the app’s screen but also customize them. This is what we like the most about this parental control app. It gives you a personalized parental experience through customizable features. For instance, where other parental apps will allow you to just block certain pet categories, FamilyTime gives the control in your hand. You can choose what topics you want to ban and what to allow.

    The SafeSearch feature allows you to add the websites you find problematic or inappropriate for your kiddo. It can be anything even the games that are making your child addicted to them and you want to get rid of them. Block all the information related to them online.

  3. Use Internet Schedules To Limit The Time On It

    Along with the content searched online, the time spent on the internet is another big problem. You just know when you started using the internet. After that, you just keep browsing and never know when to get off. Well, it is an addiction but to prevent your children from adopting it. You can limit the internet time of your children.

    FamilyTime iPhone Parental Control App offers multiple ways to do it but internet schedules are the most suitable. You choose different schedules for weekends and weekdays. You can customize them just according to the requirement. Allow them to use interest only in the hours when they are free and have done other activities.

  4. Set Daily Time Limits For Apps Working On The Internet

    The over usage of screens cannot only be blamed on the internet. Apps play a major role in it. Whether they are social media apps or gaming apps, they are equally capable of making your child addicted to them.

    With FamilyTime, you can set daily time limits to not let your child exceed the specific time you have set for their app usage. Once they have reached that limit, the app will automatically be locked without you having to check again. Also, it makes your kid responsible to use them with care in the future.

  5. Check Activity History Every Weekend And Counsel Your Kids For That

    Never stop interacting with your child while just depending upon this technology for your parenting responsibilities. These apps are just here to assist you and take the maximum burden off of your shoulders. So, you can stop criticizing them every other day and replace it with weekend counseling. Well, it is really very effective because the child is not becoming desensitized to your words. What you have to do is check their activity history and then talk to them if you find anything problematic.

FamilyTime android and iPhone parental control app have much more to offer. Download the app for free from App Store or Play Store. To know more details, check out the official website.



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What Is Your Child Watching On Internet? Five Ways To Keep A Control

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