What Makes ‘Stargirl’ Special?

What Makes ‘Stargirl’ Special? With so many TV shows to choose from and so little time to spend watching them. it can be difficult to decide which ones to prioritize. The new TV series from the CW, ‘Stargirl’, is one that has aired a single season and has already been picked up for two more. Packed with action and adventure, this series is a must-add to your collection. Here are three reasons why ‘Stargirl’ is special.

The Premise

Based on a series of comic books by Geoff Johns, ‘Stargirl’ is an epic tale of a teenager taking on the role of a superhero to save the nation from the dreaded Injustice Society of America. The hero group, called the Justice Society of America, was almost completely wiped out a decade before. The sole survivor, Pat Dugan, was Starman’s sidekick and helps his daughter transition into the role of Stargirl to follow in her father’s footsteps.

The new Justice Society of America is made up of teenagers, which turns the classic superhero trop on its head. Traditionally, teenage superheroes are seen as sidekicks, but in this series, they take center stage and the adults become the sidekicks. This twist alone is enough to make ‘Stargirl’ a must-watch show for anyone who loves superheroes.

The Cast

The cast of ‘Stargirl’ is led by Brec Bassinger. Because the series focuses on teenagers, many of the show’s cast members are relatively unknown. However, they each manage to put their own spin on their characters to make them stand out. These actors and actresses make their characters come to life and are destined for great futures in the acting world. The unknown names are joined by familiar faces such as Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan to round out the cast.

The Universe

The Stargirl comic book series was created to expand the DC universe. For fans of the universe, reading the Stargirl comics or watching the TV show is a great way to expand DC knowledge. You’ll learn how these new characters tie into the universe and have a better understanding of the DC world while you dive into your favorite shows about superheroes. ‘Stargirl’ is a must-watch show for any DC fan.

However, you don’t have to be a DC fan to enjoy the ‘Stargirl’ world. The series stands alone so you can enjoy it without having any information on parallel universes. This trait allows the shows to draw in new fand along with existing DC fans to garner interest about the universe and grow its fanbase. You can enjoy this show whether this is your first foray into the DC world or you have been a loyal fan for years.

If you’re looking for a good show to binge-watch, give ‘Stargirl’ a try. With its unique premise, talented cast and ability to expand your knowledge of your favorite comic universe, this show will keep you entertained and eagerly anticipating the next episode. The second season is set to premiere in August, so if you want to get caught up on all things ‘Stargirl’ before then, start binge-watching your new favorite series today.






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What Makes ‘Stargirl’ Special?