What Type of Exercises Should You Do According to Your Biotype

What Type of Exercises Should You Do According to Your Biotype : Today we will talk about how to know what body type you have and what exercise routine you should do to get the most out of training to see yourself in better shape.

We are all human, but we are not all the same. Our genetics define us. This is not very difficult to observe when you look at people at work, at the gym, at home, or just walking in the park.

In the world of fitness and other sports, it is often wrong to think that with a little exercise and a balanced diet we have almost everything done, however, and unfortunately, this is not entirely true. But let’s take a look at this in more detail.

There is not only confusion but also ignorance about human biotypes

The vast majority of people do not really pay enough attention to many aspects of the human body, especially when these aspects are decisive in making a proper exercise routine and what is best for each person. For this reason, we have to take into account the “somatic type

Somatic type or biotype is understood as the physical shape that a human being has. At the same time, this shape is defined by several factors, including bone constitution, muscle mass, the tendency to accumulate fat, metabolism, etc.

Today there is a classification of somatic types defined in three main groups:

  • Ectomorphs
  • Endomorphs
  • Mesomorphs

Ectomorph body type

People belonging to this biotype are, for the most part, thin and with long limbs.

In general, they are usually below the estimated “normal” weight, having difficulties gaining weight since their metabolism is particularly accelerated.

This type of people with an ectomorphic shape, should not perform aerobic exercises to lose weight, not follow too strict diets; precisely because of the difficulty they have in gaining muscle mass.

To gain muscle, you must increase your daily food intake and, in terms of exercise, avoid carrying a lot of weight, since, in this way, you will be exhausting the little muscle you have.

Tips for ectomorph biotypes

If this is your case, you should do the following exercises more frequently:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Squat routines
  • Striding
  • Pushups

Endomorph body type

These types of individuals tend to be overweight. They have a very slow metabolism, so they are prone to accumulate fats more easily and tend to be above the average weight of the population.

This is because they have to monitor their diet more carefully and closely and follow it more rigorously. At the same time, they must do enough aerobic exercise to burn calories.

On the other hand, they have an advantage, if they train efficiently, they can gain muscle and strength more easily.

Tips for endomorphic biotypes

To lower your belly, you will need an exercise routine in which you work the upper, posterior, and abdominal parts with minimal rest between sets, this will define your body in a better way.

If your thighs and hips are your problems, you have two options:

  • Use weight machines to tone the curves of the hips, buttocks, and legs
  • Perform less high-impact cardio

If, on the other hand, you do not want to increase the “volume“, you need to exercise the upper part like the back, the biceps, and triceps.

  • A rowing class or boxing routine is the best solution in these cases.

Try to include vegetables, salmon, nuts, oats, and almonds in your daily diet as they are very healthy foods rich in protein, also known as superfoods.

Mesomorph body type

People in this somatic group tend to achieve an athletic body more easily and are classified as a midpoint between ectomorphs and endomorphs.

In general, a male mesomorphic body tends to be V-shaped, and women an hourglass figure.

This somatic group has a fairly regular metabolism, depending on their age and exercise. While they must monitor their weight (due to the greater tendency to accumulate fat than ectomorphs), they can put aside strict diets to keep fit.

Tips for mesomorphic biotypes

If you want to have the body of a bodybuilder or an athlete on the NFL odds moneyline, keep in mind that it takes a lot of work, discipline, and dedication. Depending on the routine and the types of exercises, you can choose to lift weights where you work one or more muscles at the same time or work with your body weight.

We agree that, among our similarities as a species, not everyone wants to have a muscular body. In these cases, you must choose:

  • Riding a bicycle
  • Running medium/long distances
  • Swimming
  • Dancing

This will help you burn fat and burn enough calories. Your muscles will be toned without overgrowing and you will stay healthy and fit.


Finally, you will realize the importance of knowing your biotype. It will not only help you meet your goals more efficiently but it will improve your quality of life, implementing and establishing exercise routines appropriate to your characteristics.

Knowing how our body works and how it responds to the different activities that we carry out, especially related to well-being, is extremely important and is a responsibility that we should not neglect.

What biotype do you have?






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What Type of Exercises Should You Do According to Your Biotype

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