Choosing the Right High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Machines

Choosing the Right High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Machines
Choosing the Right High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Machines

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is widely regarded as one of the few forms of working out that really works. It involves short bursts of intense exercise to get your heart running at close to its peak, followed by a period of rest.

HIIT burns fat quickly, increases cardiovascular endurance and strength, and your body can continue to burn calories even after you’re done with your workout.

However, the intensity of the workouts takes some getting used to, especially for beginners or people with some limitations.

Features to look for in HIIT Cardio Machines

  1. Self-powered

    During a HIIT workout, you want to get your body to its peak as quickly as possible and keep it there for as long as you can. That would be a bit difficult to do if you have to wait for motors to power up or dial in settings. Self-powered machines are the preferred type for HIIT since they start and stop almost instantaneously. Being manually engaged, you’ll need to exert a lot of initial power to get them started, which jump-starts cardiovascular activity and activates core strength.

  2. Engages the Entire Body

    The HIIT focusses on exercising as hard as you can, as quickly as you can, and for as long as you can. The fastest and best way to achieve this is to exercise as many of your muscles as you can at the same time. So HIIT workout machines should engage and stress as many muscle groups at a time as it can. Total body workout machines like air bikes are much more efficient, and you’ll get much better results from your workout sessions.

  3. Air Resistance

    A lot of the newer and more effective cardio machines for HIIT have ditched the traditional magnetic flywheels and replaced them with air resistance fans. They have fewer resistance settings, but they offer a lot more versatility over conventional machines. Moving air at lower speeds doesn’t need too much force, but this increases quickly as you build up speed so that you can scale up and down quickly.

  4. Easy to Operate, Instant Feedback

    When you’re in the middle of a HIIT workout, you’re not going to have much time, or the need, to look at complicated hi-tech consoles with a lot of parameters. HIIT machine consoles offer instant feedback like distance, calories, time, laps, and pulse, which allow you to track how much you’re pushing yourself at a single glance. Many machines help you track your rest timings as well, but other than that, controls and options are limited.


Best HIIT Cardio Machines

  1. Digital Display Curve Treadmill

Key Features-

      • Digital display
      • More intense than standard treadmills
      • Resistance-belt for improved agility, stamina, and speed


      • Machine Weight: 195 KG
      • Max User Weight: 180 KG
      • Noise Level (max): 80 dB (A)
      • Protection Rating: IP 20
  1. Belt Driven Spinning Bike

Key Features-

      • Multiple resistance levels
      • Realistic riding feel
      • Comfortable PU foam seat with synthetic leather


      • Machine Weight: 70 KG
      • Max User Weight: 180 KG
      • Rating: CE, RoHS & ISO9001
  1. Elliptical Machine

Key Features-

      • Digital display
      • Self-generating electrical driving system
      • Easy-to-use with multiple resistance levels


      • Machine Weight: 115 KG
      • Max User Weight: 144 KG
      • Flywheel weight: 10 KG
  1. Rowing Machine

Key Features-

      • Heavy-duty frame with aluminum rails
      • Self-generating electrical driving system
      • Multiple programs for resistance and strokes


      • Machine Weight: 46 KG
      • Max User Weight: 150 KG


Manual equipment for HIIT


      • Versatile
      • Sturdy and durable
      • Allows dynamic movements

Slamball / Dead ball

      • Cheap, durable
      • Easy to store
      • Exercises multiple muscle groups





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Choosing the Right High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Machines

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