How To Choose The Best Hair Removal Devices

How To Choose The Best Hair Removal Devices
How To Choose The Best Hair Removal Devices

How To Choose The Best Hair Removal Devices : It’s easy to see how good it is to get a permanent hair removal in the comforts of your own home. Especially since everyone is forced to stay inside our homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since you can use them at your home anytime and you want, getting your own hair removal devices will be convenient for you. Also, the best part about getting your own hair removal devices is that you can get them way cheaper than professional treatments. Check out laser hair removal nyc for the best laser hair removal in New York.

The only question is, how do you choose the best hair removal devices you can use at home? It’s important to note that there are a number of options and a wide range of prices available. In this article, we’ll be giving you some tips and pointers on how to choose the best hair removal devices.

  1. Must Be Safe To Use

    The first thing that you want to know about a hair removal device is that it must be safe for professional or home use. To know if a hair removal device is safe to use, check if it’s FDA-approved.

    FDA requires at-home hair removal devices to operate at lower levels than those powerful lasers used by professionals. FDA also requires hair removal devices to have a built-in safety mechanism before they can get approval.

    Generally, almost all of the hair removal devices available on the market today are approved by the FDA. Still, make sure that you only buy hair removal devices with FDA-approved logo on them and stay away from those devices that don’t have this endorsement.

    Check out to see a list of FDA-approved hair removal devices.

  2. Additional Features

    The price of a hair removal device usually differs on the features that it comes with. The more features a hair removal device has, the more expensive it’ll be. It’s up to you on which features are important and if they’re worth paying the extra bucks.

    As a tip, here are two features that your hair removal device should have:

    • Power Levels/Settings: This determines the efficacy and speed at which the hair removal will operate on. Having a range of power levels or settings will allow you to use the hair removal device on different parts of your body that are more sensitive.Keep note that using a hair removal device can be painful. So, being able to use it at the lowest level for a test will allow you to minimize pain.
    • Spot Size: Being able to adjust the spot size of a hair removal device can also be very convenient for you when you start using it. The larger the spot size is, the more area the device can cover, and the faster you’ll be able to remove hair.Adjusting the spot size also works in smaller areas of your body where you want to remove hair, such as your bikini line.

      Bikini Line Hair Removal
      Bikini Line Hair Removal
  3. Laser or IPL?

    Hair removal devices use two different kinds of technology: laser or IPL (intense pulsed light). Now, what’s the difference between the two?

    Laser hair removal device, as its name suggests, uses a laser and targets a hair follicle for removing hair. IPL, on the other hand, removes hair on a less targeted and scattered approach.

    There are many claims made on which of these two are best in removing hair. However, both of them are generally effective in removing hair, especially if they’re used by a medically-trained professional. There’s not enough clinical data or evidence that either one of them is more effective than the other.

    Depending on your preferences, feel free to choose between a laser or IPL hair removal device.

  4. Must Have Safety Features

    As mentioned above, a hair removal device must have built-safety features before it can be approved by the FDA for sale and consumer use.

    A laser hair removal device should have a built-in safety feature that can protect the consumer from the powerful light emitted by the device when used. It’s even recommended that you get a hair removal device that comes with special filtered safety glasses in the box.

    Some hair removal devices also have an additional safety feature in them wherein they require you to enter a security code before the device can be used. This is an ideal safety feature that all hair removal devices must have so nobody can easily use the device, especially if there are children in your household.


Thanks to the technology that hair removal devices bring, removing hairs will no longer become a struggle for all of us. We can now remove those unwanted hairs permanently in the safety of our home. Just make sure that the device you’re getting is safe and effective to use for permanent hair removal use.










How To Choose The Best Hair Removal Devices

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