What You Need To Know About The TEAS – Test of Essential Academic Skills

What You Need To Know About The TEAS – Test of Essential Academic Skills : Since a large section of the population is aging, the demand for nurses is increasing in the United States. Hence many students are interested in becoming nurses since it will be easier to get a job. However, to become a nurse a student will first need to complete the course at a nursing school.

Many of the nursing schools specify that the student will need to have taken the Test of Essential Academic Skills (abbreviated as TEAS) before they can gain admission into their programs. The TEAS score, along with the GPA and other information, will be used by the nursing school to determine whether the applicant should be given admission to the school.

About the Test

In some cases, applicants may not have a good GPA, so having a high TEAS score can help improve their chances of gaining admission since it mainly tests the skills specifically required to succeed as a nurse. The test is conducted by the Assessment Technical Institute for Nursing Education, and it is essentially an aptitude test. There are no pass or fail marks for the test, though nursing schools may specify minimum scores.

Students can opt to take the computerized version or the conventional paper version. The advantage of the computerized version is that the scores are available immediately after the test is completed and can be sent to the nursing schools immediately.

On the Test

The TEAS test consists of four different sections: Reading, Math, Science, and English Language. The reading section has 40 questions that need to be completed in 50 minutes, and the Math section has 45 questions to be answered in 56 minutes. These are the more important parts of the exam. The science section has 30 items with only 38 minutes, while the English language section has 55 items in 65 minutes.

Some schools, like Wichita State University, may specify the minimum acceptable scores for each of the tests as: Reading 69%, English 60%, Math 63%, and Science 45%. Thus, the minimum scores required in reading and math are higher. Make sure to check in with the nursing programs you plan on applying to before you take the test, so you know what score you should aim for.

Preparation is key

Many people find it difficult to get a good TEAS score because they do not have a good grasp of the subject matter or they feel that they do not perform well on standardized tests. However, nursing school is not easy, so only those who do well on the test are likely to succeed in the programs. Think of this as an opportunity to get yourself for the rigorous academic mentality you will need to be in when you get accepted into nursing school.

There are many TEAS review books available, which cover all the subjects in the TEAS course. Self-study can be tedious and boring, so some students may prefer to use the services of an experienced TEAS tutor. One of the main advantages of hiring a tutor is that the tutor will be able to objectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the student to better focus their study. The tutor can then advise the student on the subjects they need to improve on. The tutor will also help in improving the study methods so that the student will understand the subjects being taught better. Since the tutor has worked with a large number of students, they will also guide the student to use the right methods to prepare for and take the exam to get a better TEAS score.






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What You Need To Know About The TEAS – Test of Essential Academic Skills

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