What’s More Important, Stamina Or Size?

What's More Important, Stamina Or Size?
What's More Important, Stamina Or Size?

What’s More Important, Stamina Or Size? When you’re at an amusement park, do you enjoy the ride that goes on for a longer time or the ride that provides the bigger thrill? The same question could be applied to the bedroom.

What gives you a more powerful orgasm, the duration of the sensation or the size of the equipment? There are certainly medications, creams, and other methods of how to last longer during sex you can turn to if you’re trying to last longer during intercourse or boost your size and stiffness in the same way, but at the end of the day, it’s all about keeping your sugar mommy satisfied.


A sugar momma, similar to a sugar daddy, is an older woman who lavishes a younger man with money and gifts in exchange for companionship, and even great sex. Sugar mommas support their sugar babies and, in return, enjoy an amazing sex life with their young stud.

It may be that longer sex is what mommy is looking for. If your sugar mommy wants a longer lasting orgasm, there are definitely techniques to consider next time you’re in bed. One technique, known as edging, involves temporarily stopping sexual stimulation when you’re close to ejaculation. Once that sensation has passed, you can get back to action. This prolongs climax and extends the amount of time for sexual activity.

Sugar babies could also try the Masters & Johnson squeeze technique, which entails gently squeezing the end of the penis until the feeling of oncoming ejaculation subsides, essentially making sure your sugar mama reaches the finish line before you do.

Longer sex also means the opportunity to try something a little different. Look into trying new positions, so you can find something that you and your sugar momma really enjoy. With new positions, you could even look into bringing some toys into the bedroom, like a cock ring or vibrator. This devotes more time to foreplay and getting the engines revved for greater sex when it comes time for the main event.


We’ve always heard that, in the bedroom, size matters. The truth is it actually may, depending on your partner. If your sugar momma has frequent orgasms (first of all, good job), she may be able to climax more easily if you have a larger package. Research has found that a woman’s orgasm during sex is associated more with a longer penis for greater orgasm in the vagina. This shows that while size may be most pleasurable to the physical eye, it is also dependent upon the structure of your sugar mama’s vagina when it comes to having better sex.

Having better sex
Having better sex

Penis size has long been associated with some performance anxiety for men, but there have been new discoveries in methods to increase the size of what you’re working with.

There is penis enlargement surgery to either extend the size of your member, or go for girth, depending on what you prefer, and more importantly, what your partner prefers. While these are the most more invasive options, there are other things you can do in privacy to help extend your shaft.

Jelqing is a penis stretching exercise that involves massaging the tissues in the head and shaft, stretching the skin to create “micro-tears” that allow the penis to look engorged when those tears have healed. This is a safe method provided you don’t put too much stress on the head of your penis or yank too hard.

Penile extenders can also be worn on a flaccid penis to help garner size over time. You can also opt for something as simple as going for a trim. Manscaping your nether regions provides a cleaned up look, and it also makes your penis look larger with the brush cleared. Either way, good sex will certainly get your soldier at attention, and great sex will keep your sugar momma smiling.







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What’s More Important, Stamina Or Size?

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