When Can You Wear Open-Toe Shoes?

When Can You Wear Open-Toe Shoes? Rules were made to be broken—right? If you’re talking about restrictive rules that infringe upon someones’ freedom, then we agree.

By that logic, we have to agree that fashion rules are made to be broken. Yet, most of us still abide by what we were taught.

For example: don’t wear white after labor day; only wear open-toe shoes in the summer; put away your bright colors in the fall and wait until spring comes again. Florals in the spring, plaids in the fall and winter—it seems there’s always some guideline telling us what to do.

Yet, every year fashion magazines put out articles saying “screw the rules, do what you want.” So that’s exactly what we’re going to do—but within reason.

Learn about the best way to wear open-toe shoes during the different seasons, below.

A Note About Fashion Rules

Rule-breakers have always been the ones to set trends, so feel free to ignore all the advice in this article and do whatever you want.

You’ll likely get a few judgmental glances, but if you do it right, you’ll get more admiration.

Don’t let the most popular womens sandals “rules” inform your life if you don’t want to!

Wear bright white in winter and plaid in spring. We’re not here to judge.

Wearing Open-Toe Shoes: When “Should” You?

Most people consider open-toe shoes to be a spring or summer choice. When times are warmer, exposing more of your feet makes sense. It’s also less likely to be snowy, so you don’t have to worry about freezing your toes off.

But that rule assumes you’re talking about open-toe sandals. What about open-toe booties, boots, or peep-toe high heels?

There’s no reason half of your footwear needs to sleep for two seasons.

Shoe Color

If you want to wear open-toe shoes year-round, pay attention to their color.

White open-toe shoes that look more like heeled sandals than heels are going to be hard to pull off. While yes, technically, white is a neutral, stick to browns, tans, and blacks. They go with everything, and black is always in season.

You know what they say—”a woman who wears black lives a colorful life.”

Open-Toe Shoes in Spring

Let’s start at the beginning, or at least the beginning if you’re prescribing to the open-toe shoe rules.

Once spring hits, which is technically March 21st, anything goes with respect to open-toe shoes. Many people wait until Easter to take out their spring clothing, but there’s no reason you have to wait.

When it comes to designs, most spring-styled shoes have cutouts or florals of some kind. As they get more into summer, you see more breathable materials and designs that are supposed to increase air-flow, like perforated or laser-cut leather.

Don’t shy away from colors in spring!

Most of the time, if you’re shopping the stores, you can get discount available on women’s shoes and can find more muted, pastel options. But, if you are buying online, just be aware of fraud of buying a fake items. Legitgrails can help you authenticate your items, before you buy them and get rid of not buying a fake items.

If you want to do something brighter, go ahead! Just pair a super-bright shoe with a more muted outfit, unless you’re doing a monochromatic look.

That goes for any type of shoe. We love a pop of color!

As for the rest of the shoe, we mostly see natural-motif pairings, such as a white open-toe shoe with a wooden chunk heel or a woven wedge. The earth is blooming, so why not bring some of the earth magic onto your feet, too?

Open-Toe Shoes in Summer

Summer is easily the wildest season for fashion. It’s so hot that people can pretty much get away with anything they want.

If you live somewhere that feels like it’s always summer, the blazing heat can make open-toe shoes feel like the only option. Putting on socks or suffocating your poor feet in constricting shoes? We wouldn’t dare.

You have even more permission to go wild with colors and patterns in the summer. It’s hot out and it makes people feel like experimenting.

Our one suggestion, since you won’t have tights on, is to keep up with your pedicures in the summer! If you’re going to be showing strangers your toes, they need to look good (or at least clean).

If you live somewhere where summer rainstorms are sudden and intense, make sure you check the weather before you wear open-toe shoes. The ability for water to so easily get in your shoes and between your toes leaves a slimy-grimy feeling no one likes.

Got stuck in the rain? No one says you can’t take your shoes off in the bathroom and dry them with a paper towel. You’ll be much happier you did!

Open-Toe Shoes in Fall and Winter

Now let’s get into the trickier part: wearing open-toe shoes in fall and winter.

First, it makes less logistical sense. As it gets colder, the fewer parts of your body exposed to the elements, the better.

But sometimes there’s a pair of really cute open-toe booties that you want, or the only shoes that will work with an outfit happen to have an open toe. Here’s how to wear them without freezing. Ready?


That’s right—tights are your friend if you want to wear open-toe shoes in the fall and winter. If you can, look for tights that have a less opaque toe, so that it doesn’t look like you have navy or black toes. Pantyhose are always go-to’s if you want to feel warm, but not look like you’re wearing tights.

Open-Toe Shoes and You

Now that you know how to wear open-toe shoes each season, do you think you will? Are you going to be a fashion rule-breaker or would you rather stick to tradition?

Both are great—your fashion is just that: yours.

Want to learn more about fashion and beauty? Browse our online magazine! We promise it’s a page-scrolling good time.






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When Can You Wear Open-Toe Shoes?

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