Where to Get Beautiful and Customized Wholesale Pillboxes?

Where to Get Beautiful and Customized Wholesale Pillboxes? According to an analytical research study by Future Market Insights (FMI), the sales of pillboxes were recorded at 800 thousand in 2019. These sales are expected to increase by 43% by the end of 2025. These statistics are enough to compel any wholesaler to get into this industry.

Starting a business for wholesale pillboxes is not difficult. However, you should know about the places to purchase bulk pillboxes before starting your business. We have crafted a list of the best places where you can get beautiful and customized wholesale pillboxes. Without further ado, let’s check this list below:

  1. Dollar Days

    Dollar Days is one of the best places to purchase smart pillboxes in bulk. They have been serving their customers for over 20 years. They are a trusted supplier to thousands of nonprofit organizations to help them grow. They offer tens of thousands of products with a personalized buying experience and a dedicated team to their customers.

  2. Wholesale Bargain

    Wholesale Bargain is another top supplier for wholesale pillboxes in the US. Their distribution centers are located in Houston and Los Angeles. Bargain Wholesale has been offering high-quality products to its customers for over 30 years. Besides pillboxes, they also offer health and beauty products, hardware and auto tools, household items, stationery, men and women apparel, home décor items, and numerous plastic accessories.

  3. Pioneer Plastic Inc.

    Pioneer Plastic Inc. was established in 1968 in Dixon, KY. They are a certified custom manufacturer of plastic pill containers, including partition pillboxes for personal and commercial use. Their pillboxes are most suitable for candy packaging, food service, science and education, agriculture, research, injection-molded plastic parts, collectible games, and storage applications.

  4. Creative Findings, LLC

    Creative Findings, LLC is a well-known and reputed manufacturer and supplier for wholesale pillboxes. This company was established in 1998 in Pawtucket, RI. They provide premium quality products at super affordable rates to their customers. Besides pillboxes, they also offer jewelry, crafts, hobby, giftware, novelty, and plastic accessories.

  5. Sun Medical Supplies

    Sun Medical Supplies is one of the best distributors of 7-day pillboxes. Their pillboxes are used for storing medicines and vitamins. These Medical Supplies offer transparent plastic pillboxes with seven compartment options. If you want to purchase high-quality wholesale pillboxes at lower rates than the market, then you should go for Sun Medical Supplies.

  6. Universal Promo Inc.

    Universal Promo Inc. is another reliable company to purchase customized wholesale pillboxes. This company was established in 1972 in Maple Grove, MN. They supply pillboxes in mini, tri-minder, day, and monthly sizes. Universal Promo Inc. offers customized options of printing company name, logo, and message. They supply to office, medical, safety, pharmacy, and gifting industries.

  7. Langbehn & Co. Inc.

    Langbehn & Co. Inc. was established in 1954 in Downers Grove, IL. They are considered among the most popular distributors for plastic pillboxes. They supply wholesale pillboxes in all shapes and sizes with the options of imprinting, embroidery, color and pad printing, thermal transfers, and laser engraving. Langbehn & Co. Inc. mostly serves health insurance companies, doctor offices, and pharmaceutical companies.

  8. AMAC Plastic Products Corp.

    Last but not least, AMAC Plastic Products Corp. is another top manufacturer and supplier for beautiful and customized wholesale pillboxes. This company was established in 1960 in Petaluma, CA. They manufacture BPA-free round pillboxes with safe polystyrene material. You can get wholesale pillboxes in all sizes, shapes, and styles from AMAC Plastic Products Corp. They mostly serve retail, medical suppliers, packaging, hospitality, and floral industries.


If you want to start a wholesale pillboxes business, you should first list all the potential places to purchase your stock. It is essential to choose trustworthy suppliers and distributors to establish a successful and long-lasting business. We hope that the list mentioned above will help you find the best places to purchase beautiful and customized wholesale pillboxes.





Where to Get Beautiful and Customized Wholesale Pillboxes?

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