Why Expungement Lawyers Are Important

Why Expungement Lawyers Are Important : Have you ever made a mistake, suffered the consequences but years later, feel like your life has never moved forward after the criminal charge? You are not alone. Facing a criminal charge is scary for everyone. Whether you were innocent or not, the aftermath of the conviction can be devastating.

You could lose your job, miss out on an opportunity to go back to school and endure the embarrassment of having an easily accessible criminal record. This is why you need an expungement lawyer to help you get your life back and secure a better and brighter future. However, expunging a criminal record is not an easy task and therefore it should not be given to just any attorney.

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What Is Expungement? 

In the world of criminal law, expungement can be defined as the court-ordered process in which an individual’s criminal record is treated as if it longer exists. The process involves sealing and erasing criminal convictions in the eyes of the law.

Once your criminal records have been expunged they will no longer appear if a potential employee, a bank or an educational institution conducts a background search on your personal criminal record. However, expunged criminal records can still be viewable by law enforcement agencies and the criminal courts.

Why Are Expungement Lawyers Important?

If properly done by a qualified lawyer, an expungement can help you start a new life altogether. The lawyer will review your old case, and let you know if you qualify or if you meet the eligibility requirements. The attorney will also represent you in court if required to do so.

Here are some of the benefits you will get by hiring an expungement lawyer.

  1. You Will Be Able To Rent a House

    Getting a house in New Jersey can be difficult and especially if you have a criminal record. This is because most landlords will do a background check and if your criminal record shows up your rental application will be denied. Hiring an expungement lawyer will help you clear your name and get that apartment that is perfect for you.

  2. Adopting a Child Can Be Much Easier

    If you or your loved one has a sexual offense record, it becomes almost impossible to adopt a child. Other types of criminal records will also reflect poorly on your adoption application and hurt your chances of taking that lovely child home with you. Hiring an expungement lawyer will make your dream of growing your family through adoption possible.

  3. You, Will, Enjoy the Freedom to Travel All Over the World

    A criminal record can travel with you and limit your ability to see the world. Why not hire an expungement lawyer to help you expunge your record and stop that criminal history from interfering with your travels.

  4. You Can Volunteer In the Community

    Have you ever wanted to give back to your New Jersey community but you feel limited due to your criminal record? An expungement lawyer can help you clear your past arrest and be able to volunteer again in the community or even at your child’s school.







Why Expungement Lawyers Are Important

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