Why Running Is The Antidote To Lockdown Blues With Running Ireland?

Why Running Is The Antidote To Lockdown Blues With Running Ireland? Do you miss going to the gym? Since the largest part of gyms around the globe was forced to close under national lockdown rules, individuals have become deprived of their social life and regular physical activity.

Although most people can do nothing to improve their social lives, there are safe ways of being physically active. Having a run in your neighborhood or the park nearby is not prohibited in most countries as long as one practices social distancing.

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Take a look at the main reasons why jogging is considered an antidote to lockdown blues.

Reduced stress

Perhaps the most significant advantage of running in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic is better stress management. Lockdowns worldwide have made individuals more nervous than ever before. Fearing for your own life and the well-being of your loved ones on a daily basis is exhausting and nerve-racking, making you feel tense and helpless.

Moreover, lockdowns have caused stress in a myriad of individuals due to the inability to follow their routines and socialize. Since going to the gym is no longer an option in Ireland, most people turn to running as a form of physical activity. Nevertheless, jogging can do wonders for minimizing stress, as it decreases cortisol levels in one’s body. Introducing this type of exercise into your routine is yet another way to manage stress, as you’ll have a reason to spend some time outdoors every day.

Additionally, running not only minimizes cortisol but also boosts the levels of norepinephrine, referring to a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. The higher the concentration of norepinephrine, the better the response of one’s brain to stress. It’s an effective method for every person to relieve mental tension.

Getting vitamin D

Vitamin D, otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin, plays a vital role in the health of individuals. An insufficient amount of this vitamin causes fatigue, poor function of the immune system, and muscle weakness, which go in favor of viruses such as COVID-19. Unfortunately, due to the strict restrictive measures, people aren’t capable of getting enough sunshine. Read here about the most common signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

Nevertheless, spending a minimum of half an hour running a day provides the necessary exposure to the sun and the required amount of vitamin D. Consequently, the immune system becomes more powerful in protecting the body from infections, thus reducing the risk of catching COVID-19. Additionally, this nutrient is known for its role in preventing depression, which has become even more common during the pandemic.

Improves sanity and calmness

Due to the coronavirus lockdown in Ireland and numerous other countries in Europe, people are deprived of the opportunity to lead an active social life. The lack of regular communication with other people and putting a stop to virtually all routines undoubtedly affects sanity. However, running is the perfect excuse to get some fresh air, clear your mind, and restore your sanity.

In addition, jogging is believed to promote a sense of calmness in individuals, as endorphins are released both during and after going for a run. These brain-boosting chemicals are of vital importance for relieving anxiety and inducing relaxation, which also helps in improving sleep quality.

Better immune system

Running is beneficial not only for one’s mental health but for the overall health of individuals. It improves the spread of white blood cells and antibodies, both of which are crucial in the fight with infections. Also, jogging is known to reduce chronic inflammation, one of the main culprits for the poor function of the immune system.

Moreover, this form of physical activity boosts lung function by getting rid of the pathogens inside the airways. It improves the work of the cardiovascular system and helps individuals prevent weight gain. Keep in mind that the presence of other ailments can only worsen the symptoms of COVID19, particularly those related to breathing and cardiovascular health.


Don’t let the pandemic affect your mental health.

Take up running to relieve the stress!




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Why Running Is The Antidote To Lockdown Blues With Running Ireland?

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